The breakfast sandwich may be the perfect concoction for your first meal of the day. Complete with all the major food groups in one handy package, it’s tasty, satisfying and convenient. And we’re not talking Egg McMuffins here. Step up your breakfast game with any one of these great sammies.
Pancakes are irresistible and Vancouverites are lucky to have tons of options for enjoying this fluffy breakfast dish. Throwing fresh flavours and ingredients into the mix, these local eateries take old classics to new heights. Check out their menus and plan your nap time accordingly. [Photo courtesy of Jam Cafe]
When it comes to comforting breakfast foods, it doesn’t get much better than digging into a warm bowl of oatmeal. This healthful morning meal gets the gourmet treatment at these Vancouver eateries, with the addition of sweet fruit slices, crunchy nuts and other tasty toppings.
If Sunday brunch is the ultimate morning-after remedy, then New Year’s Day brunch is perhaps the most important daytime dining event of the year. If you’re going to be ringing in 2017 with plenty of bubbly, you’d better make some delicious recovery plans for January 1. Whether you’re in dire need of starchy carbs to soak up the booze or looking to down a few celebratory mimosas, these Vancouver restaurants have you sorted.
For downtown workers, casual strollers stepping off the Seawall, or just folks with a taste for good meals and drinks, look no further than these Coal Harbour spots. These inviting cafés and eateries are all ideal destinations to chill out while consuming tasty fare. Whether you’re an overwhelmed tourist, a panting jogger or a backlogged businessman, you can’t go wrong with these daytime establishments.
It’s easy to find a place to satisfy your Chinese food cravings on weekend mornings in Vancouver. Many local Chinese families go for dim sum at least once a week – it’s a delicious tradition and a great way to spend quality family time with each other. A wide variety of bite-sized options are served in mini steam baskets with freshly brewed tea on the side. Here are some of our top dim sum places you must try!
There’s no shortage of major chain coffee shops in South Granville, but there are also plenty of more charming options. Whether you’re seeking your first pick-me-up of the day or settling in for a leisurely chat over afternoon tea, here are a few local faves.
Vancouver has been named one of the world's top 10 best cities for coffee. There are literally hundreds of cafes in and around the city that are always bustling with Vancouverites who just can't get enough of their java. We've compiled a list of our favourite coffee shops that we frequent when we need to satisfy our coffee cravings in the Lower Mainland. You don't have to travel far to enjoy a solid cup!
Move aside coffee, there’s a new hot caffeinated drink keeping Vancouverites warm: the matcha latte. With it’s a creamy-yet-subtle flavour, this green-tea-latte hybrid drink is the new go-to beverage to enjoy before or after work.
Sure we all love savoury plates of eggs Benny drowning in rich, creamy hollandaise sauce but let’s face it, sometimes brunch fans need to go the healthier route. Nutty, hearty and with just a hint of sweetness, granola is a healthful breakfast alternative that feels indulgent without all of the caloric guilt. Check out these Vancouver breakfast spots if you’re in the mood for a lighter morning meal.
You know spring has sprung when you see cherry blossoms in the trees and catch the scent of hot cross buns in the air. Pillowy soft and lightly spiced, these traditional Easter treats make an excellent alternative to all of those chocolate eggs. If you’re in the mood for hot cross buns, visit these Vancouver bakeries to get ’em while they’re hot (and eat them by the ton). [Photo courtesy of Beacoup Bakery]
Whether you’re pulling an all-night study session or ending a night on the town with some grub, Vancouver has several 24-hour restaurants that serve really good food – if you know where to look. From doughnut shops to diners, cap your night off at one of these local 24/7 eateries.
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