The cooler, younger sibling to Vancouver’s trendy Gastown neighbourhood, Railtown is bursting with new cafés, restaurants and tasty gems to explore. Visit these locations for a lunchtime pick-me-up and to sample some of the city’s most delicious fresh food from independent suppliers. [Railtown Cafe photo credit: Jelger + Tanja Photographers]
As more and more professionals work from home, or in shared office spaces, it’s essential to have your own go-to spot for meetings. If you’re looking for an inspiring spot in Vancouver to get down to business, here are the best coffee shops and hidden spaces for productive conversations.
Steveston has the good fortune of being home to some of Richmond’s finest restaurants. The riverside village is a food lover’s paradise for locally caught seafood (if fish is not your thing, no worries, there are plenty of options). Locals are lucky to able to call these restaurants their neighbourhood haunts, however people travel from far and wide to experience these fine-dining spots.
Are you in Vancouver and looking for some animal-free culinary options? You'll find plenty of delicious meals in the city to satisfy even the most gourmet vegan palate, but not all of them are prepared at exclusively vegan restaurants. Vancouver's dining destinations tend to be fairly vegan-friendly and are happy to customize dishes to suit your particular dietary needs.
Let’s face it: packing lunch is no fun – but neither is blowing your budget on pricy and underwhelming lunches out. Enter these South Granville neighbourhood favourites that’ll trim your lunch budget with specials designed to let you leave your lunchbox at home. With a wide range of cuisines offering flavours from around the world, you’ll never go for a boring sandwich again.
Why go out for an okay, everyday kind of sandwich when you can live large and feast on some crazy ones? With hundreds of restaurants in Vancouver, it might be hard to pick out the perfect place to chow down, so choose a spot from this list and find your new favourite.
There are few meals as satisfying as a perfectly cooked sirloin and an excellent glass of wine, and a steak dinner is even more enjoyable when it's served in elegant surroundings. Vancouver is home to many steakhouses, representing a range of styles and price points. Here are a few local favourites that’ll help satisfy your meaty cravings. [Photo credit:]
Warm daal, spicy tandoor, nourishing curry: Indian cuisine offers some of the most comforting lunches around – and in Vancouver, they’re often among the most affordable, with midday specials ranging from reasonable to downright cheap. These local eateries will fill you up without emptying your wallet at lunchtime. [Image credit:]
Some meetings are hard to define: is this the kind of date for a coffee or would your colleague-turned-friend really prefer a glass of wine? For when you just can’t decide what sort of drink the occasion demands, these Vancouver cafés offer the best of both worlds – a choice of alcohol or caffeine that avoids any awkward misunderstandings. [Image courtesy of Medina]
With a large multicultural population, Vancouver is one of the best places in Canada to find a variety of scrumptious soups. You can find high quality versions of almost any kind, from expertly crafted pho and ramen bowls to nostalgic childhood faves like creamy tomato and chicken noodle. There’s a whole wide world of soup in the city, here are some of the best places to start your journey.
Vancouver is known and renowned for many things surrounding our fine and diverse dining scene. However, it’s hard to deny the wealth of delicious, fresh seafood the city and the talented chefs who offer discerning diners various culinary experiences to choose from. Here are a few of seaside highlights from the many restaurants in town.
As a blogger, I’m often trying to uncover quick lunch spots where I can meet with fellow bloggers and potential collaborators. I like to find restaurants that balance great food with friendly service and a unique atmosphere. I’ve always felt that places with a unique flair and interesting touches help encourage creativity, which is essential in the fashion industry.
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