A favourite old neighbourhood in Vancouver has recently seen a boost of new neighbours moving in, bringing a smorgasbord of fresh places for local residents and visitors to drink and dine. Here’s a round up of Davie and Denman’s new kids on the block, from underground bistros and beachside patios to new names and revamped restaurants. [Image courtesy of Beach Bay Cafe. Photo credit: Allison Kuhl Photography]
Whether you’re pulling an all-night study session or ending a night on the town with some grub, Vancouver has several 24-hour restaurants that serve really good food – if you know where to look. From doughnut shops to diners, cap your night off at one of these local 24/7 eateries.
In an industry dominated by men, Vancouver’s talented female chefs are in league of their own. Support the sisterhood at these culinary hotspots where ambitious alpha-females are bucking the trend and serving up some of the best food in the city. [Image of Tabatha Stahl courtesy of Railtown Café. Photo credit: Jelger + Tanja Photographers]
Gnocchi: little potato dumplings smothered in rich creamy sauce and garnished with herbs. These delectable morsels have stolen the hearts of many carb-loving diners in Vancouver. Every restaurant on this list puts their own spin on this classic dish – adding different cheeses, seasonings and flavour combinations – so no two gnocchi experiences are ever the same (unless you want them to be). [Photo credit: iStock.com/IriGri8]
In close proximity to one of the nation’s best wine regions, it’s no surprise that Kits is home to numerous restaurants catering to wine lovers. Whether you’re enjoying the work of an artisanal chef or just relaxing with friends after work, here are several spots to fill your glass in Kits. [Photo courtesy of Bishop's]
Vancouver’s grey, dark winter months make this the perfect time of year to stay indoors. We’ve tracked down a few of the city’s best new restaurants where you'll find refuge from the rain while enjoying culinary delights. From a summer camp-inspired sandwich shop to a Southern-style saloon, here are the hottest eateries to discover during the coldest season. [Photo of Juniper courtesy of Luis Valdizon, Where They Find Us]
Watching television shows about food is a great way to work up an appetite. Luckily for Vancouverites, many of the tempting diners, cafés and restaurants celebrated on the small screen are close to home. So stop drooling on the remote and head out to one of these as-seen-on-TV eateries for a meal to remember.
With a large multicultural population, Vancouver is one of the best places in Canada to find a variety of scrumptious soups. You can find high quality versions of almost any kind, from expertly crafted pho and ramen bowls to nostalgic childhood faves like creamy tomato and chicken noodle. There’s a whole wide world of soup in the city, here are some of the best places to start your journey.
There are a few ways to find delicious ribs in Vancouver, but the simplest way is to sniff them out. Every high quality barbecue joint will have that smoky, mouth-watering scent wafting through their front door and into the streets. It’s a sign that perfectly prepared ribs are waiting for you inside. When you’re craving a heaping helping of ribs, here’s where you’ll find them.
For downtown workers, casual strollers stepping off the Seawall, or just folks with a taste for good meals and drinks, look no further than these Coal Harbour spots. These inviting cafés and eateries are all ideal destinations to chill out while consuming tasty fare. Whether you’re an overwhelmed tourist, a panting jogger or a backlogged businessman, you can’t go wrong with these daytime establishments.
Ready to put up a “Kitchen Closed” sign at home and head out for a tasty and budget-friendly meal? The next time you don’t have the energy to cook, leave it to the pros. Steveston offers a wide range of dining possibilities at very reasonable prices.
Every oyster lover has their own reason for shelling out for these savoury treats: for some they’re a delicacy, a little bit of a self-indulgent treat, for others, they’re an aphrodisiac. My love of oysters comes from a little stand selling them by the shuck (Kumi’s are the best if you didn’t know) and has grown to an ongoing search for the best spots in Vancouver to enjoy these little and addictive ocean pearls.
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