A chair is more than a place to sit. For some, it’s a throne, the place to have a nightcap or do the Sunday crossword. For others, it’s a reflection of themselves, their own personalized place to sit and relax or get down to business. Whether it’s for the dining room or your backyard, these Vancouver boutiques have chairs as unique as you.
Finding the perfect gift for a bride and groom can be difficult; you’ll want it to be unique, sweet, thoughtful and useful to their lifestyle. If you want to avoid shopping at big box stores and find something that’s unique, dare to go off the bridal registry and uncover beautiful treasures at these fantastic local and independent Vancouver gift shops. [Photo of Atkinson's]
Flat-pack furniture and hand-me-down lamps were fine for your first apartment. But now that you're a (gulp) grown-up, you may prefer decor that reflects your style and maturity in ways that a futon just can't. If you're looking to elevate your style with some quality antiques, reclaimed furniture or quirky collectibles, it's time to pay a visit to these Vancouver antique stores.
Light up your home in style, and set the right mood, with the perfect lamp. Lamps are more than accent pieces – they can make a true design statement in your home. And you don’t have to be a trained interior designer to pick a stylish lamp. All you have to do is visit one of these Vancouver showrooms or home décor shops for design inspiration.
Coffee tables are the workhorses of furniture. Not only do they stand up to daily, multipurpose use, they also help bring a room’s decor together. Furniture retailers specialize in different kinds of tables, from antiques to contemporary designs by local artisans. No matter your tastes, there’s a coffee table out there for you. Here’s where to find your dream piece in Vancouver.
With most of the major gardening centres traditionally located outside the city limits, it might feel like finding a houseplant for your Vancouver home or condo requires an epic journey. But plenty of plant experts have now set up shop in the city. These urban greenhouses, garden centres and florists boast a wonderful selection of plants for your home.
Whether you're trying to control light, enhance your home decor or just guarantee privacy from passing eyeballs, there’s certainly a window treatment that can get the job done. Making the right choice though, can be tricky business. Luckily for you, the talented experts at these Vancouver shops know a thing or two about blinds and curtains.
In Vancouver, where natural parks, beaches and waterfronts abound, no two dog-walking companies offer the same experience. Depending on what kind of care your pooch needs – from discipline training to socializing with other dogs to off-leash exercise – these companies will provide a fun, safe and exhaustive walk when you’re not able to. [Photo credit: iStock.com/Rohappy]
For locals, it goes without saying that our Native art is a cultural treasure, and for tourists, it represents a resource for great discoveries. Vancouver is a hotspot for art collectors, with a wonderful range of options for purchasing. From Inuit to Northwest Coast, contemporary to classic, here are some key Native art galleries in the city. [Photo courtesy of Lattimer Gallery]
The right candle can turn a practical bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary or a plain bedroom into an intimate Goop-worthy oasis. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable decor update, why not add the finishing touch to any room and set the mood with a beautiful candle? These Vancouver shops offer options that are sure to make you wax poetic. [Photo courtesy of Vancouver Candle Co.]
Wallpaper is a great way to update a room if you’re short on money and time. With minimal effort, you can express your style and freshen up your living space. Take a look around at Vancouver’s most stylish wallpaper providers and then get to work. [Photo © Yellow Pages / Pages Jaunes]
Want to step up your at-home bartending game? From small boutiques to restaurant suppliers, Vancouver is home to plenty of shops that cater to amateur mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts of all sorts. Deck out your bar cart and master the Old Fashioned by visiting these fine retailers. [Photo courtesy of Sips Cocktail Emporium]
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