Vancouver has a diverse range of jewellery boutiques and designers to suit its eclectic population. Whether you’re looking for upscale luxury items, ethical diamonds or hand-crafted artisanal designs, there’s something for you in this sparkling city, no matter your budget or tastes.
Like the glamourous Marilyn Monroe once said, "diamonds are a girl's best friend." Isn't that the truth! Whether you're shopping for diamonds, rubies, gemstones or pearls, a beautiful shiny bauble will never disappoint. If you’re looking for a forever gem that will always be treasured, check out these Vancouver jewellers who specialize in all things sparkling.
Wedding season is just around the corner, which means us brides-to-be are dreaming about beautiful gowns and accessories for the big day. If you’re on the hunt for romantic jewellery, formal footwear, stylish hairpieces and more bridal accessories to complete your wedding look, pay a visit to these Vancouver shops.
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