There are a lot of places to eat in Vancouver, but sometimes it can be hard to find an affordable restaurant serving high quality food. This list narrows it down a little, highlighting Asian eateries that are both cheap and delicious. Each of these restaurants also has its own unique features – some offer reliable takeout and delivery services, others have spacious dining rooms that can accommodate large groups.
What could be more comforting and nostalgic than a grilled cheese sandwich? In the recent trend of upscale comfort food, there’s no shortage of this lunch staple on menus in Vancouver. It’s simply understood that, if the below don’t come with tomato soup, you will definitely order a bowl.
Burnaby is home to a plethora of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, some showcasing traditional cuisines such as North Indian or Vietnamese cuisines, and others offering experimental or Western fare. Above all, these vegetarian-friendly restaurants are affordable, with most items costing $10 or less. These eateries won’t break the bank on your next meat-free tour of the city. [Photo credit:]
God bless the chickpea. The humble bean transforms into a deliciously addictive spread with just a little olive oil, lemon and garlic. Whether you prefer to dip it, spread it, or just eat it by the spoonful, hummus can be enjoyed in its many forms at these Vancouver restaurants. [Photo credit:]
Japanese cuisine is one of the most creative, healthy and flavoursome options to be found in Vancouver’s extensive multicultural restaurant scene. These local Jaoanese restaurants are particularly perfect for sushi-loving vegetarians who want to skip the meat without compromising on bold flavours.[Photo credit: iStock,com/AnikaSalsera]
Students are always looking for great places to relax, hang out, study and get a delicious (and budget-friendly) bite to eat. After a stressful day in class, hungry co-eds often turn to food for comfort. Whether on or off campus, UBC students know where to go to find affordable, tasty food choices. [Photo credit: Leonardo Patrizi]
Vancouver’s ever-changing dining scene can be as unpredictable as its weather, which is why we’re keeping our ears to the ground to keep you updated on the city’s most buzz-worthy restaurant openings. From upscale salad bars and down-South barbecue joints to pretty patisseries and modern Vietnamese eateries, check out the latest spots to eat and drink in 2016. [Image courtesy of Fanny Bay Oysters. Photo credit: John Sherlock]
Warm daal, spicy tandoor, nourishing curry: Indian cuisine offers some of the most comforting lunches around – and in Vancouver, they’re often among the most affordable, with midday specials ranging from reasonable to downright cheap. These local eateries will fill you up without emptying your wallet at lunchtime. [Image credit:]
With picturesque views, plenty of green space and numerous beaches, Vancouver offers some of the best picnic venues in the world. But since the city is also known for its rainy weather, it’s best to come prepared. Here are some local eateries that’ll help make you the perfect picnic basket, and even supply you with the perfect outdoor dining essentials.
Students don't always have the time (or ability) to cook for themselves, so they’re often on the lookout for affordable places to eat. For students at Simon Fraser University, there are a number of convenient and appealing dining options available both on and off-campus. Whether you're craving burgers or burritos, soup or salad, you'll find budget-friendly fare at these local eateries near SFU
Famous for its yoga mats, health food joints and beach-loving atmosphere, Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood is an ideal place to nosh on tasty vegetarian fare. Check out these veggie-friendly spots next time you’re searching for a meat-free meal in this wholesome ’hood. [Image credit:]
Whether you’re pulling an all-night study session or ending a night on the town with some grub, Vancouver has several 24-hour restaurants that serve really good food – if you know where to look. From doughnut shops to diners, cap your night off at one of these local 24/7 eateries.
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