The Vancouver jazz scene is making more and more of a name for itself. With the International Jazz Festival in late June drawing some incredible acts, the city is becoming known for some of its cool venues. But don't wait till the festival to catch some class acts. Order some food and sit back with a glass of wine or a bourbon, and listen to some sultry jazz at one of these fantastic Vancouver venues.
Vancouver has some of the best nightlife in the country thanks to its many celebrity sightings, talented DJs from around the world and a city full of beautiful people ready to party. From the latest and greatest hotspots to classic Granville Street clubs, here are some of the top nightlife spots in Vancouver. [Image courtesy of Opus Bar]
It's the last night you'll really get to cut loose before tying the knot, so make sure it's a good one! There are so many venues where you can enjoy the perfect girls night out in Vancouver. This fun list will give you the low down on the top bachelorette party spots in town. [Photo credit:]
Contrary to our undeserved rep as "No Fun City", Vancouver is a great place to catch a comedy show. From amateur stand-up and headlining comics to energetic improv troupes, there’s plenty of funny to go around our light-hearted town. If laughter really is the best medicine, get your prescription filled at these Vancouver comedy clubs.
Few events can create or strengthen friendships like shared tragedy and triumph. So the fact that memories and relationships blossom from a karaoke experience is not surprising. Vancouver has tons of great places where you can gather ’round the teleprompter for a booze-fuelled sing-along. Hit these local venues next time you want to belt out Queen hits on stage or croon to Roy Orbison in an intimate room full of fans.
Being booze-free doesn’t mean that the party has to end early. From dessert bars and board game cafes to escape rooms and glow-in-the-dark bowling, there are plenty of ways to stay sober and have a good time after dark in Vancouver. [Photo courtesy of Grandview Lanes]
Vancouver’s performance venue scene has seen a revitalization of late, with the closing of some (RIP The Electric Owl), reimagining of others (hello to Fox Cabaret), and revitalization of more (drag shows in town at the Cobalt – who would have thought?). At a few, one can be sure to catch a live and local show nearly every night of the week. If you’re up for an adventure, give these venues for a spin, and enjoy the show!
Bachelor and bachelorette parties are often the last big hurrah before the quiet onset of domestic married life. Strip clubs and Las Vegas getaways can be fun but are overdone, and many folks are looking for original ways to celebrate this life milestone. Here are some unique ideas for your send-off from singledom you won’t forget. Or regret.
Vancouver is known for its progressive, inclusive and friendly neighbourhoods. It has one of the largest gay communities in the country, and there is certainly no shortage of LGBTQ-friendly bars, especially in Davie Village. Here are some popular hotspots along the West End strip to check out for a night of great fun.
Unlike Halifax, Montreal or even Winnipeg, Vancouver isn’t necessarily known for its live music culture. That isn’t to say, though, that it doesn’t exist. And these venues are making it as accessible as possible with free live shows at least once a week served up with great food and drink. Play on.
It's a classic date-night pairing: enjoying a fine dinner while being entertained. And while it may seem like a bygone activity, the ritual is alive and well in Vancouver. Here are a few places to check out to ensure two dates in one.
Vancouver is home to a burgeoning karaoke scene that offers plenty of opportunities to sing your favourite songs. Whether you want to perform in front of a bar full of strangers or in a more intimate setting with friends, these venues will have you hitting the high notes with pride. And a lot of laughs.
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