It’s tough being a parent. Kids never seem to stop growing, eating or messing up their hair. For those times when a great haircut is a must, these salons will have your child looking their best. [Photo courtesy of Yellow Pages]
Calm, serene and overflowing with beautiful nature – Vancouver’s many public parks and outdoor spaces make ideal settings in which to develop your Tai Chi practice. These scenic green spaces are scenic spots to perform the slow, deliberate movements, focus, and deep thinking of this ancient form of exercise and expression. [Photo credit: Chiang]
Nail art is booming in Vancouver, and a number of salons are amping up their menus. There is a whole culture and code for nail art nowadays, such as diamonds (embedded crystals), hand-drawn nail painting, 2D embellishments and 3D hand-sculptured flowers and ribbons. Here are the glittering gems of Vancouver’s nail art scene.  [Image credit:]
Pilates is a unique workout program designed to help clients of all ages and abilities increase their flexibility, core strength and overall muscle definition through a series of precise and controlled body-weight movements. These Vancouver fitness studios offer private and group Pilates classes that’ll help you achieve a leaner, longer and stronger body.
Luxury spa treatments aren’t just for the stars. Save your pay cheque for something sensible and spruce up your nails or ease your aches and pains at one of these Vancouver spas where you’ll find affordable services and specials on offer every day of the week. The hardest part will be choosing which one to visit first – and where to go for lunch afterward, of course! [Photo credit:]
There’s no question that taking a few deep breaths during a busy workday can help reduce stress and boost energy. So imagine what benefits you’ll gain by leaving the office, and taking some time to practice mindfulness as part of your lunch hour or post-work wind-down. Whether you’re in the mood for yoga or just want some peace and quiet, here are several idyllic and convenient locations for meditating in the city. Namaste.
There are a lot of Vancouver salons that cater to female clients, but men deserve to be pampered, too. Whether you’re looking for a basic shave and a haircut or a full upscale grooming experience, these talented barbers and stylists are up to the job. [Photo credit:]
Vancouver has a reputation as a healthy city with residents who enjoy a West Coast lifestyle of outdoor activities and nutritious food. Kitsilano in particular is an area that’s renowned for its fit locals who frequent the many juice bars and workout studios in the neighbourhood. Here’s where to sweat in style next time you find yourself near West 4th. [Photo credit:]
There’s nothing wrong with visiting a fortune-teller to get some perspective on life. Many local psychics (also referred to as healers, coaches or counselors) are savvy business people with established clientele and a public presence. It’s easy to predict there would be a subculture of mystics in this city, so here's where to get an accurate and authentic reading in Vancouver. [Photo credit:]
Wish your hair was longer, fuller or pinker? Stop wishing and start extending! Hair extensions can transform your look with a shock of colour, instant length or impressive volume. In just a few minutes you can add a fun highlight and in just a few hours you can go from chin-length bob to a waist-length mane. Check out these Vancouver salons when you're ready to take your tresses to new lengths.
Are your bushy, overgrown brows making you frown? Cheer up; there are plenty of Vancouver beauty bars brimming with talented professionals who can wax, tweeze, thread and trim your unruly eyebrows into perfectly sculpted arches. Well-groomed and beautifully shaped brows can have a huge impact on your appearance, framing your face and enhancing your eyes. Here's where to go to get wow-worthy brows.
Whether it’s for a special occasion or to get that polished salon look between cuts, a blowout is a quick and affordable way to make any day a good hair day. These salons and dedicated blowout bars can give you the look you want without the price of a full salon cut and style.
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