Boxing is a long-standing way to get in shape, stay fit and learn how to defend yourself. There are plenty of fitness studios in Vancouver offering boxing classes, but these dedicated gyms are focused on the real thing. No cross training, no mixed martial arts, just old fashioned boxing taught in a new way to keep you strong and healthy.
Are you looking to start a new fitness program? Vancouver’s Dunbar neighbourhood is home to a wide variety of inclusive exercise studios for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a former athlete or a total newbie, there’s bound to be a local workout option on this list that'll help you achieve your fitness goals.
Families with young children can easily feel cooped up and go stir crazy during Vancouver’s rainy months. Metro’s best indoor playgrounds, listed below, are no-brainers for those days when it’s simply too dreary to head to the park. They offer ample space for kids to exert their energy, and many have cafés and WiFi on the premises, so parents are entertained too.
A popular form of entertainment in Japan that’s recently made its way to Canada, these challenging escape rooms in Metro Vancouver provide brief adventures and brainteasers aplenty. If you’re looking for an exciting indoor activity for a rainy day, these local spots are immersive, interactive and will definitely keep you guessing.
You don't wear the same clothes everyday, so why would you want to do the same workouts? ClassPass let’s you stimulate your muscles and your mind with a variety of unique and challenging fitness classes at studios all over the city. From heart racing spinning rides to torturous TRXworkouts, ClassPass ambassador Nancy Wu shares her favourite Vancouver workout studios for a daily sweat sesh. [Image courtesy of Nancy Wu]
Squash and tennis are great sports for busy people. They're both fun, fast-paced and provide a surprising workout in a short amount of time. And all you really need is a racquet, a ball and a place to play. Here are some places in Vancouver where you can work on your serve and maybe meet some new competitors as well.
So, how are those New Year’s Resolutions holding up? There’s always time to get back on track and combine getting fit with saving money and helping out a charitable cause. Sign up for a community class at these caring fitness studios in Vancouver.
Looking for a weekend warrior activity that’s not hiking or cycling? These nearby ranches, stables and equestrian centres are only a short drive from Vancouver’s downtown core, and all offer opportunities to bond with horses and practice riding in the great outdoors. [Photo credit:]
From cultural centres to small casinos to downright palaces, these seven popular venues host North America’s favourite game of chance most days of the week. Inclusive, fun and low-risk, bingo is a perfect gambling sport for beginners, and an ideal group or solo activity – especially on a rainy day in Vancouver. [Photo credit:]
Affordable, fun and a great workout, cycling is an ideal method for seeing the sights of Vancouver, where state-of-the-art bike paths and spectacular Seawall views abound. And for those who don’t own a bike – or who couldn’t fit one in their suitcase – these rental shops loan out two-wheelers that are well oiled, affordable and ready for your next adventure. [Photo credit: Todor Tsvetkov]
North Vancouver is heralded for its scenic swimming holes, running trails and kayaking routes – but it’s also home to a plethora of fitness studios offering everything from barre classes to personal training to hot yoga and spinning. Hit these North Shore gyms next time you need a break from the outdoors. [Photo courtesy of Barre Fitness]
From choker necklaces to slip dresses, Pokémon is another 90s fave making a comeback this year. Thousands of nostalgic fans can be seen travelling across the city with their smartphones in search of animated creatures. Check out this list of Pokéstops in and around Vancouver where you can fuel up, meet fellow Pokémon trainers, and catch rare legendary species like elusive Growlithes. [Photo credit:]
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