Much in the same way that movie theatres and the scent of buttery popcorn can never be separated, hot dogs have a distinctly nostalgic element. These savoury snacks bring up memories of Little League games and beans-and-weinies at home. Thankfully there are more and more places in Vancouver serving the humble hot dog in a variety of grown-up flavours and styles. [Photo © Yellow Pages / Pages Jaunes]
Can you imagine a world without nachos? When Ignacio Anaya decided to melt cheese on top of tortilla chips for a group of American army wives stationed in Mexico during the Second World War, he truly changed our snacking lives forever. Nowadays, you'll spot a plate of tortillas and melted cheddar on almost any restaurant menu. And even though it’s difficult to be disappointed by nachos, some are undeniably better than others.
Who doesn't like spicy meat prepared on a rotating spit? Shawarma has quickly become a staple in Vancouver for those looking for a fast and delicious meal with some international flair. Related to gyros and donairs, they're not exactly known as a healthy food item, but you would be hard-pressed to find something quite as delicious.
Whether you’re pulling an all-night study session or ending a night on the town with some grub, Vancouver has several 24-hour restaurants that serve really good food – if you know where to look. From doughnut shops to diners, cap your night off at one of these local 24/7 eateries.
Though not as fancy or complicated as some of their beefy brethren, meatballs are a classic meal choice or a snack worth savouring. When you're craving a satisfying globe of meaty goodness, check out the meatballs on the menus at these Vancouver restaurants.
Once a skid road for dragging logs to harbour, then a streetcar route and Italian suburb, Commercial Drive has long been central to Vancouver’s cultural diversity. Today, the foodie-focused strip is lined with restaurants, cafés and bars serving an array of international cuisines. These spots are worth checking out if you’re into food - like really, really into it. [Photo courtesy of Jamjar]
Fish and chips, one of the world’s most ingenious food pairings, may be historically recognized as a British dish (Winston Churchill famously referred to them as “the good companions”), but they are a staple of any coastal city’s food scene. Vancouver is no different. Variations of the classic meal – fingers of fried haddock or cod accompanied by mouth-watering crispy potatoes – can be found in almost every neighbourhood. 
Sometimes dinner is just too good to end early, but what happens when it’s time for dessert and the city’s bakeries are already closed for the day? Fear not sweet-toothed friends; this list includes late-night spots in Vancouver that stay open until at least 10:00 pm. These dessert destinations range from casual to upscale, so you're bound to find an appropriate place to satisfy your late night sugar cravings.
We’ve all been there; you’re hailing a cab home at 3:00 am when hunger hits. While a couple of fast food staples are always there for late-night revellers (I’m looking at you, McDonalds), Vancouver is home to a plethora of full-service restaurants that are ready to serve you at nearly any hour of the day or night. Save this list in your phone and save yourself from ever returning home hungry again.
Move over fancy cupcakes and designer doughnuts – pies are making a comeback. A new generation of young bakers are shaking things up with fun shops and innovative flavours that will satisfy the most modern palate, and classic pie shops continue to deliver the quality that has kept them in business for decades. No matter what kind of pie you’re craving, here’s where to find the perfect slice. [Photo courtesy of The Pie Hole]
As cheese alternatives become more mainstream, more vegan options are popping up around town. Here are a few vegan-friendly pizza options that are sure to pack a punch to your taste buds. You won’t even miss the cheese! [Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver/Vision Event Photography]
Craving something different for dinner? The city’s abundance of culturally diverse restaurants can take your palate on a world tour – no passport required. [Thai dish at Maenam. Photo by Hamid Attie]
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