The perfect business lunch needs to have three things: good food, good service and a quiet enough setting that you can talk shop. If you’re looking to woo clients over a memorable meal, try these local lunch spots. Each of them has a great menu and excellent service, so even if you don’t lock down a deal, everyone will still come away content.
Business lunch isn’t always about meeting customers. Sometimes it’s about kicking ideas around during a casual lunch with colleagues. And a nicely priced meal in a sociable setting will do wonders for your productivity. Victoria has plenty of office-retreat eatery options. The common denominator in our list is fast, friendly service that gives you plenty of time to refuel and recharge before you’re back to the daily grind.
Victoria may not have a designated Little Italy (unless the Leonardo da Vinci cultural centre counts), but it’s not lacking an Italian culinary scene. From authentic Old World dining to West Coast-flavoured contemporary Italian, from romantic candlelight meals to family-friendly feasts, this list has got your Italian cravings covered. Buon Appetito!
The delightful Spanish tradition of tapas is more than just between-meal snacking. Sharing food and drink, even a glass of wine and some olives, speaks to our hearts as social creatures. And, opting for tapas also means the indecisive diner doesn’t have to commit to a single entree. If you’re looking to share food with friends after work, have a few nibbles with drinks, or sample a new menu, this list has what you need.
One of the great things about Victoria is the sheer amount of multicultural restaurants available to the public. Japanese and sushi is certainly a favourite here, considering many of the places on this list often have long peak-hour waiting times. That’s okay though. It’s how you know these restaurants have the best sushi in town!
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