Sometimes you just need a plate of fried food after a night of club-hopping. Or, an elegant meal following an evening at the theatre. Or, pizza to refuel after an all-night study session. Whatever the reason, your hunger needn’t be bound by "the rules" of when to eat dinner. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry – so, dig in at one of these late-night eateries.
Good things come in small packages. That's especially true when you consider how much flavour can be packed into that classic pub-food favourite: the chicken wing. Whether you like 'em hot and spicy or sweet and tangy, chicken wings deliver big taste in a compact form. When you're craving a pile of yummy, sticky, chicken goodness, here's where you'll find it in Victoria.
The delightful Spanish tradition of tapas is more than just between-meal snacking. Sharing food and drink, even a glass of wine and some olives, speaks to our hearts as social creatures. And, opting for tapas also means the indecisive diner doesn’t have to commit to a single entree. If you’re looking to share food with friends after work, have a few nibbles with drinks, or sample a new menu, this list has what you need.
You've been out and about with your buddies having a grand time, and now you're starving; it's time to grab some late-night grub. Are you hungry for pub food, small plates or something new and different? Victoria's fine selection of late-night eateries has what you want, when you want it – which is right now.
Nachos are considered by many to be the epitome of pub food; finding the perfect plate is a worthwhile quest. Lots of Victoria’s many secret and not-so-secret haunts serve chips with cheese, but only a few do it well enough to make this list.
Ah, pizza, you cure so many ills. Has a night of indulgence left you a little fuzzy? Perhaps you’ve burnt the roast you were planning to serve to the dozen hungry guests en route to your house. Or maybe you’ve survived a long, exhausting day and just need a break. Whatever your troubles, pizza is there for you.
Three elements are imperative in the making of a great poutine: crispy fries, rich, flavourful gravy, and oozy cheese curds. Not only have the places on this list mastered the cheese-and-gravy combo, some have even put their own unique spin on this French Canadian classic. Jerk chicken poutine, anyone? C’est magnifique!
From the backyard barbecue to street carts to gourmet restaurants, the lowly hot dog has come a long way. Victoria has a bit of everything to offer hot dog hunters, from the simplest of dogs to ones that are nearly too luxurious to handle. Enjoy!
Burritos are one of those foods that can be truly great when they're done right, and there are a number of places in Victoria that have things dialled in on the burrito front. From beans to chicken and everything in between, those tortilla bundles make the perfect meal-on-the-go. Check out this list of burrito hotspots to find your favourite.
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