Mobile mixtures: The best delivery juice cleanses in Toronto

Move over caffeine and say hello to sweet, colourful, energy-boosting juice. Whether you’ve decided it’s time for a cleanse or you’re simply hooked on the limitless fruity elixirs nature has to offer, cold-pressed juice is the organic solution to your afternoon crash. Best of all, these healthy spots  in Toronto will deliver your daily or weekly supply of juice right to your door. [Feature image: Anti Vice Juicery]

Mama Earth Organics

24-19 Waterman Ave, East York, ON M4B 1Y2

In an effort to connect city-slickers with local Ontario farmers, Mama Earth Organics delivers locally sourced food baskets to homes across the GTA. The team at Mama Earth packs their baskets with fresh local fruits and veggies, cereals, dairy, and you guessed it – juices. You can even map the origins of their products online. Mama Earth does not fill strictly juice-only orders, but if you’re looking for produce for the week, you can easily combine the two and save yourself a trip to the grocery store.

Total Cleanse

1111 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M3J 2E5

Total Cleanse specializes in juice cleansing with a door delivery service of daily cold-pressed bevies. Their mission is to give your body a break from the day-to-day of processed foods. If this is your first time, Total Cleanse offers a free start-up guide and phone support for anyone taking on the challenge. Packages can be picked up at their boutique store on the west side of Dupont, or if time is tight, can be ordered to arrive at your home before you even leave for work in the morning.


161-163 Sterling Rd, Toronto, ON M6R 2B2

Toronto’s locally born Cedar is solely a juice company, and as you might expect, creating the healthiest elixirs is their mission. Cedar offers custom juice cleanse packages and six packs with their favourite flavour and nutrient combinations. You can get a quick taste with the one-day cleanse, or go for the more popular three- or five-day options. Each package includes six vitamin-rich detox juices per day, and delivery is free across Ontario.

Bolt Fresh Bar

1170 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J5

Bolt Fresh bar is Toronto’s regular one-stop shop for refueling on Queen West. A healthy break from all the bars on this strip, this is the place for a feel-good lunch break after a long night. Pro tip: add probiotic kefir to your favourite blend as a tummy tamer. Bonus, Bolt prepares their fresh, raw foods and juicy tinctures on the daily. Juice blends will surprise you with a dose of cayenne spice or cinnamon bark. Those bolting to the office, needing an extra boost can also choose from a list of high energy, liquid superfood shots.

Pulp Kitchen Canada Inc

689 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1G6

The team at Pulp Kitchen are among the most trusted aficionados of cold-pressed juices in Riverside. At the compact take-out counter flagged by an orange exterior, you can pick up tasty vegetarian wraps and salads as well as freshly pressed juices and smoothies. Juices can be delivered through Uber Eats and generally stand a three-day shelf life. Pulp Kitchen has also added a three- day juice cleanse program for beginners, featuring the seriously cleanse-worthy Green Power – a concentrated combination of purifying, chlorophyll-packed produce.

Yam Chops

705 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1C2

Lucky for the healthy-minded in the 6, Canada’s first official vegan butcher finds its home in Toronto’s Little Italy. Although specializing in finely prepared vegan meat alternatives, they also pack a mean juice. In fact, they created their own brand of raw cold-pressed juices called AuJus, a playful selection that ranges from the El Greengo to the True Blood (a ruby red liver cleansing beet and orange mix). In addition to lunch and dinner delivery, Yam Chops also offers morning juice delivery.

20 culinary aficionados have gathered for Front Street Foods at Adelaide Place (150 York Street) to offer up their most beloved dishes. The tasting market is buzzing with foodies from across the city taking advantage of the open-air dining experience and buzzworthy pop-ups. Open weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm until August 5, 2016, this is one foodie market you’ll want to stay hungry for. [Photo courtesy of Front Street Foods]
The vegan food scene has become a competitive arena in Toronto, and not just for vegans! Many prefer vegan food for sustainability and diversity in their diet – and vegan restaurants happen to have some of the healthiest options around. As for those busy days and lazy nights, TO hosts a number of delivery services that will bring healthy, hearty vegan meals right to your doorstep.  [Image credit: Cazzaniga]
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