Montreal food trucks worth following

Montreal loves its mobile munchies. Our famous food trucks have quickly gained quite the following in Montreal, and for good reason! At lunchtime, leave the boring cafeteria behind and take a wander through the streets to find out why these kitchens on wheels have whipped up so much interest. Taste unique dishes, served fast in a street near you... or your office!

Duck Truck MTL (Food Truck)

We’ll name a few items on the menu, and you tell us if you can guess the central theme of this street truck: the broken legs (duck wing confit), the ugly (braised duck sandwich), the cane-ton (wonton soup and duck confit dumplings)... got it yet? Enjoy all things duck at this popular food truck – you’ll be happy you found it!

Pizzéria No 900 (Food Truck)

“Food truck” does not necessarily equal “pulled pork”! This truck dishes out premium pies wherever it goes. Tuck in to a delicious 10-inch Neapolitan pizza from Pizzeria no 900. There are seven versions on offer: the Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and parmesan), the organic salami, another with sweet Italian sausage and for dessert, a pizza with Nutella and marshmallows!

Le Tuktuk (Food Truck)

Fun fact – a tuktuk is a popular motorized tricycle used as a taxi in Thailand. This larger, four-wheeled version decked out in Thai national colours delivers some of the best Thai street food in the city. Alongside traditional mango and papaya salads, this place makes a great plate of pad Thai.

Le Super Truck (Food Truck)

Montréal, QC

The Super Truck isn’t just there to remind you of your favourite superheroes from your childhood, but also to lighten up your lunch hour. So enjoy its classic, comforting cuisine. Where else are you going to find fried macaroni sticks, crispy pork belly, a salad cone with smoked duck breast or a SUPER sandwich with grain-fed chicken.

Mi Corazon (Food Truck)

When its time to indulge, track down the Mi Corazon truck – its Mexican fusion cuisine never disappoints. Among the most outstanding dishes on the menu are the Dirty Martinez poutine, with chilli, chorizo and guacamole; the pogo de Pedro (corn dog); and the veggie taco with roasted cauliflower, served with frijoles, beetroot and feta cheese.

Landry & filles (Food Truck)

Landry & Filles is a veritable snack bar on wheels, serving homey Quebec meals with a twist. Their specialty is the “ploye,” a type of pancake originally from New Brunswick, in this case topped with salmon gravlax alongside a fennel and caper salad. The meatloaf sandwich is also noteworthy.

Phoenix 1 (Food Truck)

Phoenix 1 is well known for its popular “naanwiches,” a variety of sandwiches wrapped in naan bread. Whether your preference is for braised pork, tandoori chicken, or gravlax, you’re guaranteed a good meal prepared with fresh ingredients and the warm chewy taste of the naan.

L'Assommoir (Food Truck)

L’Assommoir was one of the first trucks to roam the streets of the city, armed with food worthy of its restaurant. It’s kind of a miniature version of what you find in the restaurant: tartares, ceviches, grilled dishes and tapas are all on offer on the street corner! The three house poutines – veggie mushrooms, curry sausages and whiskey & maple – will be the envy of your colleague as they chew their Thursday baloney sandwich.

Boîte à Fromages (Food Truck)

No need to invite a dozen friends round and get the whole kit out to have a raclette. Meet up at thise truck and enjoy a delicious raclette with Oka cheese, or mushrooms, shredded beef, apples and pecans, etc … there’s no shortage of choices here!.

Dim Sum Montréal (Food Truck)


Good Montreal Chinese food served out the side of a truck and right into your hands (well, almost). And it'’s the full menu on offer! Choose between lunch boxes serving with pork or shrimp dumplings, BBQ pork, shrimp spring rolls, crispy vegetable or shrimp triangles, lamb skewers, and the list goes onmuch more!

L'Express (Food Truck)

For those in the mood for Chinese food. Why not start with a Won Ton soup, followed by General Tao wrap (yes, really!). You can also simply choose a combo.

Ô Soeurs volantes (Food Truck)

At the Soeurs volantes, it’s all about home-style cooking, with meatball dishes (beef, pork, chicken), salads served in a tortilla, and poutines. Just like home, but different.

Le point sans g (Food Truck)

Gluten sensitive? Then this truck is for you, with its healthy menu made up of locally produced ingredients. Try the fried gnocchi, the quinoa burger, mushrooms and eggplant tapenade and stuffed sweet potato with pulled pork. For dessert, treat yourself to a no-bake brownie.

Quai Roulant (Food Truck)

The creation of restaurateurs Felipe St-Laurent (Ils en Fument du Bon) and François Forest (Quai No.4), le Quai Roulant offers a surf & turf menu consisting of fish and chips, crab cake, pulled salmon taco and shrimp rolls. All served the eco-friendly way in recyclable or compostable containers.

Queen B (Food Truck)

The Queen B is a marriage of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine – a truly delicious union that we’re happy we discovered! Enjoy an el castor pork burrito, Greek-style chicken skewers or the merguez sausage. There are veggie and vegan options on offer too, all gluten-free.

Traiteur Guru (Food Truck)

Feel like a taste of India this afternoon? Then follow the path of the Guru and explore some of the delicacies of the subcontinent, with butter chicken, vegetable samosas, a good chai latte and perhaps even a cheeky mango slushie. It is summer after all, right?

Cuisine Polonaise

This truck could not be more appropriately named, given that it serves typical Polish dishes such as pierogi, cabbage rolls, “bigos” stew and grilled Polish sausages.

Gaufrabec (Food Truck)

Gaufrabec isn’t just about the sweet stuff: you can also enjoy sweet/savoury combos like the Tuscan chicken waffle and another with Gouda cheese. For dessert, there’s a choice of six sweet waffles.

La boîte à grillades (Food truck)

No time to barbecue? Let Boîte à grillades do it for you and enjoy beautiful slices of non-smoked pork cooked on grill with salty spices. Delicious sandwiches are also served here.

La Wagonette (Food Truck)

3331 Rue Galt O, Sherbrooke, QC J1K 3B9

Are you saying no thanks to junk food? If so, check out this truck that offers vegan food. On the menu: smoothies, wraps (coco bacon and bean purée), veggie burgers and veggie sushi, raw desserts and homemade lemonade.

Crémy Mobile (Food Truck)

One of Montreal’s gastronomic treasures is now available from a food truck! Track down this truck for fresh caramel-glazed donuts, as well as chocolate-glazed donuts (and more), covered with a fleur de sel crumble. And don’t miss out on the custard or cream-filled versions!

Air de boeuf (Food Truck)

Here, as you may have guessed, you can eat beef – but not just any type of beef: grass-fed, pasture-raised Highland beef from the Eastern Townships. Everything is cooked on a grill, and you can enjoy pulled beef with Jack Daniel's sauce and apples.

P.A. & Gargantua (Food Truck)

Here, the orange cheese is set aside and replaced with genuine grilled cheese sandwiches made with fresh, local products garnished with ingredients like candied shallots, bacon, cranberries, pulled beef and more. Savouré homemade soda is also offered here.

Le Smoking BBQ

2186, rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montréal, QC H3H 1M7

Chase down this truck to enjoy pulled pork poutine and pork ribs poutine, which earned Le Smoking BBQ the highest honours at the Poutinefests of Ottawa and Drummondville. There are also briskets (smoked beef) and St. Louis baby back ribs. The meats are all applewood smoked.

Smoothfruit (Food Truck)

You can quench your thirst here with their freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, sorbets and green juices. Do you prefer something warm? Then their soups and potages are just the ticket!

Bleu Homard (Food Truck)

Bleu Homard beautifully blends French and Acadian cuisine, with delicious results. For example, the lobster rolls with homemade mayonnaise, blue poutine with cod fritters, cheddar cheese and Ermite bleu cheese, as well as shrimp pogos ... mmmmm.


Saint-Viateur O, Montreal, QC H2T 2L2

The good people at Kebreiz combine the Quebec and Breton cuisines to offer beautiful creations such as smoked salmon cream and cream cheese. For dessert, you can help yourself to Nutella crêpes or salted caramel crêpes.

Dasfoodtruck (Food Truck)

Montréal, QC

This truck offers a German-inspired menu featuring, among other items, chicken schnitzel, Bratwurst sausage and the ever-popular Bavarian poutine sauce. Guten appetit!

Pas d'cochon dans mon salon (Food Truck)

Pulled pork cooked using wood charcoal sounds pretty good to us! And that’s exactly what you’ll find on board this food truck, along with wonderful sandwiches, seasonal salads and even oysters!

La Panthère Verte (Food Truck)

We really appreciate what comes out of this trucks vegan and organic kitchen. As part of La Panthère Verte, there are of course the falafel and tempeh sandwiches. But make sure to leave room for the sweet potato fries and very healthy desserts.

Monsieur Crémeux (Food Truck)

Welcome to the world of chef Martin Juneau (Pastaga) who oversees the creation of the slushes and sweet treats that are found here, such as fresh fruit syrup slush, caramel-pretzel or maple-walnut sundaes, milkshakes, and so many others.

Lucille's (Food Truck)

The mobile version of Lucille’s Oyster Dive offers the same wonderful spare ribs, fish tacos, and lobster rolls, as well as its “modern” pogo and its pulled pork dish. Stop by this truck when you see it. You’ll be happy you did!

Le Cheese (Food Truck)

Montréal, QC

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese is on the menu: macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, fried cheesecake, etc. All of this is prepared with Quebec products and served with local artisan breads. Yum!

St-Viateur Bagel (Food Truck)

This true Montreal institution now offers its delicious bagels on the street, with some interesting variations that you won’t find in the shop: sandwiches and poutine bagels (yes!). Salads and soups are also available. And they have an espresso machine!

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