Montreal restaurants to see and be seen in

If you care less for what’s on the plate than who’s around you, this list is for you. Fancy the latest fashion trends? Loud music? Possibly some champagne popping? We’ve got you covered. Don’t get us wrong, though - some of these trendy spots actually excel in the kitchen on top of being “in.” [Image credit: andresr]

Restaurant Barroco

312, rue Saint-Paul O, Montréal, QC H2Y 2A3

Can a place be both intimate and trendy? Barroco manages to do just that. This fabulous Spanish restaurant also has an excellent cocktail program. Drop by for date night or party night and be sure to check out the signature paella Barroco - you won’t regret it.

Garde Manger

408 rue Saint-François-Xavier, Montréal, QC H2Y 2S9

Back in 2011, chef Chuck Hughes won Iron Chef with his now-iconic lobster poutine. Garde-Manger, his Old Montreal restaurant, feels like an underground gourmet speakeasy of sorts, drawing everyone from the cool kids to the “foodies” with its seasonal, market-driven chalkboard menu.


1708 rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H3J 1M3

Following the Plateau’s Hachoir, the same people opened Grinder in burgeoning Griffintown, serving raw and cooked meat and seafood of all kinds. The modern, avant-garde interior is complemented by the beautiful terrace nestled between the restaurant and the neighbouring building.

Restaurant Le Richmond

377, rue Richmond, Montréal, QC H3J 1T9

One of the cooler spots to open in recent years, Le Richmond suggests market-fresh Italian food in a trendy setting. They also serve brunch - a guaranteed crowd-pleaser with that gorgeous terrace on hand. Lobster Benedict, anyone?

Restaurant Mercuri

645, rue Wellington, Montréal, QC H3C 1T2

After a long hiatus, renowned and well-respected chef Joe Mercuri opened his eponymous, two-in-one restaurant in Old Montreal. Do yourself a favour and check out the bar half of this buzzing place, with its wood/charcoal oven flaming up all sorts of goodies, from organic chicken to strip loin steaks.

Morgane De La Montagne Inc

1232, rue de la Montagne, Montréal, QC H3G 1Z1

While most places in this space lose steam and end up folding up after a few years, Rosalie recently managed to make the 10-year mark. A couple reinventions and management changes later, this downtown outfit has settled in as a Neapolitan pizzeria, dishing delicious pies out of an imported wood-burning oven.

Brasserie Lucille's

4124, rue Sainte-Catherine O, Westmount, QC H3Z 1P4

The team behind NDG’s Lucille’s Oyster Dive and food truck expanded their portfolio with a massive steakhouse/rotisserie/seafood pusher. Be sure to hit up this happening place if loud music, people watching and surf ’n’ turf is your thing. Hits here include the grilled seafood linguini and the lobster roll with ribs.

Every passing year confirms the death of fine dining as we once knew it.  Small, affordable, made-to-share plates have cut across all cuisines and eased their way into the upper echelon of Montreal’s newcomers for 2017.  Fall may be creeping in on us soon, but there’s still plenty of time to try one of our suggestions below – the places that caught our attention, for better or for worse. (Added suggestions by Kelsey Rolfe)
It comes as no surprise that Montreal’s local food movement is a force to be reckoned with. As a result, scores of chefs have jumped on the bandwagon; some do it out of an ideological drive, others to satisfy an increasingly demanding and scrutinizing clientele. The following list of restaurants place an emphasis on sourcing locally, relying heavily on nearby farms, game and fishing. [Image credit: iStock]
Montreal’s rich and complex dining scene goes through its fair share of fads and trends every couple years. Of late, we’ve witnessed an explosion in Japanese izakayas, which were followed by Neapolitan pizzerias and more recently taquerias. The following list showcases our city’s various takes on the Mexican staple, from its most traditional form to experimental renditions that are bound to amaze. [Image credit: iStock]
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