Montreal's most intriguing ice cream flavours

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream — unique ice cream, that is. It’s always a treat to try something refreshing, and we’re not talking about the coolness of the cream, but rather the flavour. Here are Montreal’s most intriguing ice cream flavours.

Crèmerie Meu Meu Inc

4458 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L1

Crêmerie Meu Meu is known for their homemade ice cream, made without preservatives and artificial colouring, and using only wholesome ingredients. The simple ingredients make the all the ice creams more or less uniform in colour, but that does not take away any of the flavour. When we think of pumpkin spice, we think of warm lattes and pies. However, it’s every bit as delicious and refreshing in ice cream — a must-try if you’re looking to be creative.

Au Festin De Babette

4085, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2W 2M7

Au Festin de Babette is well known for their coffees and chocolaty delights, but they also serve ice cream. If you’re daring, try the balsamic vinegar ice cream; it’s a wonderful combination of sweet and tangy. It sounds a little out of the ordinary, but that’s exactly what makes it intriguing – not to mention delicious.

Les Givrés

2730, rue Masson, Montréal, QC H1Y 1W5

Les Givrés is well known for their decadent ice creams and unique flavours. All ingredients are completely homemade, including the caramels, and no preservatives or artificial flavours are used in their recipes. They are known for having intriguing flavours, one the most interesting being the Courge Musclée, or spiced squash. Confuse your taste buds and have a taste of fall in the middle of summer.

Crèmerie Wild Willy's

20, av Cartier, Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 5L5

If you ever venture out to the West Island during the summer, be sure to stop at Wild Willy’s ice cream parlour. They serve a wide variety of flavours, including the Elephantastic flavour, which is chocolate and peanut butter. Their most interesting flavour, if you don’t count their ice creams made for dogs, is definitely the Beer Stout ice cream, made with real Guinness beer. It really does taste like a cold frothy beer.


60, av Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M2

Everyone has heard of peanut butter and jelly, but have you ever heard of peanut butter and honey? Among Kem Coba’s many flavours, you’ll find a unique peanut butter and honey ice cream. The creaminess of the peanut butter coupled with the sweetness of the honey makes for the perfect combination. Kem Coba is also well known for their soft ice cream flavours. They feataure new combinations every two weeks.

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