Mount Pleasant pizza joints that will up your parlour game

When are you not in the mood for pizza? Luckily, south Main Street and the surrounding area is chock full of excellent choices when it comes to satisfying that ever-present pizza craving. From higher-end dining, to grab-and-go slices, here’s a list of six excellent options in this hip Vancouver 'hood. [Pizzeria Farina photo credit: Tracey Ayton]

Grano Pizzeria

3240 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3M5

As the name suggests, there’s just a touch of attitude at this pizzeria on Main and 17th but they’re turning out stellar pies on a consistent basis. Small or large are available for take-out or to dine-in (we recommend the patio to remove yourselves from the cramped, busy space inside), and you can also grab a slice to go too. Sausage and kale is a match made in Italian heaven and for your much-craved carb fix, try their Potato Mash — a béchamel-covered crust topped with potato, mascarpone, kale and garlic.

Pizzeria Barbarella

654 Broadway E, Vancouver, BC V5T 1X6

Romantically lit, yet sparse, Pizzeria Barbarella on a somewhat sketchy block of East Broadway appeals to the local Mount Pleasant crowd thanks to its hip vibe and extensive pizza offerings. Prices also appeal. From classic margherita and funghi to pizzas topped with Brussels sprouts and house-made pancetta, there’s something for every taste. Their small wine list by both the glass and bottle is beyond affordable and their basic but tasty salads are a great accompaniment.

Campagnolo Restaurant

1020 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2W1

A little north of Mount Pleasant, but deserving of being on this list, lies Campagnolo, a beautiful dining room serving delicious Italian fare, including scrumptious, thin-crust pizzas. Perfectly blistered and topped with fresh, bold ingredients, these are a steal when you come in after 9 pm when a pint and a pie is a mere $10, but worth the steeper price at any other time. Served with hot chili oil to die for and either that pint or a glass of Chianti, expect to devour an entire pizza by yourself.

Pizzeria Farina

915 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V8

Just across from Campagnolo (and again, a little outside the purview of Mount Pleasant) is what some people consider to be the finest pizza in town. If you can get it. The boys at Pizza Farina only make a limited batch of dough each day, so when it runs out, the tiny joint locks its doors. But keep an eye on their Twitter feed and pounce when they’re open. Fresh, chewy, crusty, savoury perfection these pies.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

4186 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P7

Priding themselves on their local roots and their use of only sustainable, organic ingredients, this family-friendly, feel-good restaurant is also turning out some delicious flat bread pizzas. Their crust is a non-traditional one, combining white and whole-wheat flours and a bit of maple syrup and their toppings are generous and flavourful with plenty of veggie options. They also do a very decent gluten-free version and their kids menu will definitely please the little ones. That they’re also licensed will please the bigger ones.

Extra Ordinary Business Group

3030 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G5

There’s no such thing as a 99 cent pizza any more, but $1.75 ain’t bad. That’s what you’ll shell out at Papa’s, where you can choose a slice with a lovely thin crust straight out of the oven. Their frequently rotating special pizzas are always worth a try, but their spinach and feta is a consistent winner. When you’re in need of a slice as you wander the Mount Pleasant ‘hood, Papa’s is your best bet for a quick, cheap, satisfying bite.

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