Nacho’ average nachos – these are the best in Halifax!

Just about everywhere serves nachos, from sports bars to Mexican restaurants and pizza shops. They are often considered an appetizer even if they would satisfy the hunger of the starting line of the Mooseheads. This perfect sharing dish, whether it’s date night or game night, is often an afterthought once a couple of beers have rumbled one’s hunger. But if given the foresight, where are the best nacho destinations in Halifax?

The Arms

1515 South Park St, Halifax, NS B3J 2L2

Located in the Lord Nelson Hotel, the Arms is the reincarnation of the Victory Arms Pub. It is now less pub-like but they have kept their popular “twice-fried” nachos on the menu. These are actually twice-baked, ensuring that there is a proper layer of melted cheese in the middle. This is a generous portion for $13, and The Arms uses their own house-pickled banana peppers, which adds a nice touch.

The Henry House Ltd

1222 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 1Y4

The Henry House is a National Historic Site of Canada that housed William Alexander Henry (a father of Confederation) from 1854 to 1864. Now, it is a restaurant and basement pub, with a cocktail bar on the top floor and a patio in the summer. The Henry House is known for its English pub grub, but also for its nachos. The chips are made in-house and adorned with lots of spicy jalapeños, pineapple and a bold cheddar cheese. Enjoy with a pint or sampler tray of local Granite beer.

Reg Stag Tavern

1496 Lower Water St, Halifax, NS B3J 1R9

The Red Stag, located in the old Keith’s Brewery, is known to make some of the best nachos downtown. The not-so-secret ingredients that elevate the flavour profile are caramelized onions and a drizzle of basil oil, along with the usual suspects – bell peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes and blended cheese. The Red Stag also uses fresh cooked chips and has house-made salsa. A similar recipe is made at The Lower Deck (which has the same owners).

Finbar's Irish Pub

1595 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS B4A 3Y4

Finbar’s Irish Pub has two locations: Bedford and Portland Hills, both with rave reviews! Their award-winning nachos are generously topped with bacon, red chili peppers, sautéed onions and chunks of Portobello mushrooms. You can get ‘em with grilled chicken, pulled pork and guacamole for extra charges. There is also a personal sized version for $11.

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

1712 Market St, Halifax, NS B3J 2E3

Most people probably don’t realize that The Keg serves nachos because, well - why would you go here to eat nachos? The answer: The Keg’s nachos are nice and cheesy and come with big ‘ol tortilla cups of salsa, sour cream and guacamole – all included. These nachos are only $12 but the best part about them is that, for another $12, you can get them topped with 6 oz of delicious sirloin steak! Hey, this is a steak house after all! If this seems excessive, you can opt instead for the best chicken to ever accompany nachos ($6).

HFX Sports Bar & Grill

1721 Brunswick St, Halifax, NS B3J 2G4

These are the perfect nachos to share with some buddies while watching the game. This is a huge wheel shaped formation of never-ending goodness. Spiced chips are covered with lots of toppings and cheese - not a bad deal for $13. You can add beef, chicken, pulled pork and guacamole for extra charges. HFX Sports is conveniently located next to the Metro Centre, making it a great pre/post game destination. There are 90 screens (including a two-storey screen!) and 35 beers on tap.

Tempo Food & Drink

Carrington Pl, Halifax, NS

Tempo offers an unconventional take on the humble nacho with their BBQ Chicken Nachos. These include chicken, by definition, so you get the whole package for $13. They are topped with dill pickle, feta cheese, barbecue sauce and a blend of three cheeses. An unlikely combination, but the saltiness of the feta and dill are balanced by the sweetness of the barbeque sauce. The cheese and chicken are plentiful and flavourful. Tempo also offers Potachos (potato nachos) for something else that’s a little different!

Prince George Hotel

1725 Market St, Halifax, NS B3J 3N9

LevelBar is the hotel bar at the Prince George. It is virtually unknown to locals, but they have a lovely outdoor terrace that would make the perfect spot for these “date nachos”. These nachos are taken to a whole new level; they are petite and aesthetically arranged. Fresh fried tortillas are artfully stacked with very fresh vegetables, Kalamata olives and marble cheese. House-made guacamole is included – which is priceless, really, but this plate is only $11. It won’t fill you up, but you’ll feel pretty fancy.

Halifax has lots of great coffee shops. Your favourite java place is probably the one in your neighbourhood, where they know your name and what you drink (half-caf no-foam non-fat vanilla soy latte, right?). Maybe you have a go-to shop where you meet up with friends or hold meetings. Or maybe you are a coffee snob and only the best will do!
Haligonians love their pizza, but we’ve become accustomed to budget pizza shops that cater to hungry students, busy families, the post-bar crowd and people in pajamas. Salvatore’s and Tomavino’s have been quietly leading the gourmet pizza front for years but now a brave new Halifax craves local ingredients, authenticity, artisanal technique and a good wine pairing!
The area covered by Dartmouth is much larger than that of Halifax. Tack on Cole Harbour and we’re dealing with a vast area with distinct identities and pizza delivery zones. Whether you live in Highfield Park, Woodside or Montebello, pizza shops can be counted on to provide a wide range of foods of varying quality and value. So, you live in Dartmouth. This list attempts to answer that age-old question: Where is the best pizza?
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