Perfect Edmonton places for a proposal

Asking someone to be with you forever is the most important question you’ll ever ask another person. You want the setting to be just right. These Edmonton landmarks are all amazing backdrops for popping the big one.

TELUS World of Science Edmonton

11211 142 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 4A1

The Telus World of Science may not seem like the most romantic setting in the world (unless, of course, you are a scientist) but it does have a distinct advantage over many other spots in the city: It has an observatory. As in, stars. Beautiful, bright, romantic as hell stars. If you’ve ever seen the Friends episode with Ross and Rachel’s first date, you know that observatories are an epic place for a memorable date. And you want your proposal to be memorable, right?

Edmonton Queen Riverboat

9734 98 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 4P6

This is only an option in spring and summer but is a definitely a cool alternative. As long as neither of you are scared of water or boats, you’re set! You can ask for her hand in marriage during a leisure cruise or a dinner cruise. The North Saskatchewan River is a lovely backdrop for a proposal and you’ll be able to revisit the boat for future anniversary celebrations. Just don’t throw yourself (or her) overboard if she says no.

Chateau Lacombe Hotel

10111 Bellamy Hill NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1N7

La Ronde, Edmonton’s very own revolving restaurant, offers up a remarkable view of downtown. With the buildings all lit up, the stars shining brightly and the moon glowing, the scene is set for a beautiful proposal. Whether you pop the question during your elegant dinner or hide the ring in her crème brulee, the stunning view will set the mood perfectly.

William Hawrelak Park

9330, Groat Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2A8

Sitting in a paddleboat, lazily making your way around the lake at Hawrelak Park while the suns sets … and then someone pops the question. Could it be any more romantic? The park has all of the ingredients for an awesome proposal: water, nature, boats and a quiet atmosphere. If she won’t say yes to you here, she won’t say yes to you anywhere. Hint: If the lake is frozen over, take her ice skating instead. Still super romantic, just with an added athletic element.

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