Perfect places to spark some romance in Halifax

Whether it’s your first date, or your 21st, it’s nice to go some place a little different, and maybe completely new to celebrate your time together. If you’re new to the city, start at the top and work your way through 10 dates. If you’re a seasoned Haligonian, pick your favourite, get dressed up and head out on date night. In a city surrounded by the ocean and known for it’s craft beer, you can’t go wrong!

Lot Six Restaurant&Bar

1685 Argyle, Halifax, NS B3J 2B5

A newer addition to Halifax, Lot Six specializes in cocktails and their quickly-becoming-famous oyster happy hour. It’s no surprise that a coastal city would have an oyster happy hour, but it’s way more fun when you can make it a date night and try not to laugh while you each eat oysters amidst fancy cocktails and dressed up businessmen.

Field Guide

2076 Gottingen, Halifax, NS B3K 3A9

Head over here if you’re into the cocktail side of drinking and are looking for a bit of a fancier place to hang out and get to know each other over drinks. Their specialty is a long list of custom cocktail recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. As soon as you walk inside and feel the atmosphere, you’ll be there to stay for a while!

The Bicycle Thief

1475 Lower Water St, Halifax, NS B3J 3Z2

Situated on the waterfront boardwalk, with a wraparound outdoor seating area and a beautiful view of the harbour, the Bicycle Thief is always packed, with a line out the door. Their Italian inspired menu is so extensive, you’re sure to find something you love and can linger over for a while. And as it turns dark, you’ll have the romantic night on the water that you’ve been looking for!

Agricola Street Brasserie

2540 Agricola St, Halifax, NS B3K 4C5

Located in the up and coming North End of Halifax, Brasserie offers the happy balance between fancy enough that you can put on your nice clothes and go out, and casual enough that you can stop in after work for drinks, or show up in your jeans. They offer a simple menu, capitalizing on all things local, including beer and wine, and the setting is just right for getting to know each other a little better over some lovely food and drink.

The Press Gang

5218 Prince St, Halifax, NS B3J 0B1

A high-end Halifax restaurant, this is where you can book a table if you and your date just can’t agree on what to have. Whether you want oysters from the oyster bar, fresh Maritimes seafood, or local grass-fed beef, The Press Gang has a little bit of everything. The fact it’s a little fancier than your usual pub fare makes it the perfect place for a date. Now you just have to decide what to order!

Morris East

5212 Morris St, Halifax, NS B3J 1B4

If you’re the couple who likes to talk about yourselves over pizza, this is the place for you. With award-winning pizza chefs and flavours, Morris East is sure to please your Italian cravings. Complete with a wine selection and special gluten-free crusts, there’s something to be said for pizza not consumed in the college dorm straight out of the box.

Hop Scotch Dinner Club

2058 Brunswick St, Halifax, NS B3K 2Y7

With an award-winning chef and a seasonally rotating menu, this cozy restaurant is sure to become a favourite that you’ll return to for many date nights. The chef seeks to offer creative, locally inspired dishes featuring Nova Scotia’s finest in both ingredients and culinary talent and sets you up for a night of food you won’t soon forget. Not convinced? Just wait until you have dessert!

Five Fisherman Restaurant & Grill

1740 Argyle St, Halifax, NS B3J 2B6

An upscale seafood restaurant, this place is Nova Scotia at heart – lots of seafood and fish, lots of wine and a hefty beer selection, all rounded out with seasonal vegetables from around the province. Whether you’re from out of town or right in town, the Five Fishermen is the perfect place for a fancy night out and a little reminder of what makes Halifax so great.

The Stubborn Goat Gastropub

1579 Grafton St, Halifax, NS B3J 2C3

This restaurant is all about sharing, and their regularly changing menu filled with sharing plates makes it a great place to share some delicious food with your date while you sip one of their many cocktails or tap beers. There’s something for everyone here, and you’re both sure to leave satisfied – even if the date doesn’t go well!


1600 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 1Z6

If you’re headed out for a wine and cheese type of date, this is the only place you need to consider. With their extensive wine listing and locally paired cheeses, you can sit and sip all night in each other’s company and compare cheeses in between glasses. A cozy spot with lots of different seating options, the atmosphere is fun and the service is quick. They are serving wine after all, and who wants to wait around for wine and cheese?

No matter how good your coffee is at home, sometimes it’s just nice to go out. Whether you’re grabbing your cup of joe on your daily morning commute, or are looking for a place where you can sit down on a Sunday morning and spend a few hours poring over the paper and catching up on emails, this list has you covered. Set the alarm early, because coffee is calling, and these places know how to do it right!
There’s nothing to start the weekend like a delicious brunch. And when it’s one that is made by someone else and there’s delicious drinks involved, it’s even better. Even if you’re a Halifax local, or a regular visitor to the city, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by checking out some of these delicious brunch spots!
For a smaller city, Halifax is pretty vegetarian friendly. Even if there are not heaps of restaurants to choose from, what the city lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality, boasting some delicious eating establishments. Even if you aren’t vegetarian, maybe you should make your next meal a little heavier on the veggie side with some of these delicious options.
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