Pizza craving in the Junction in Toronto

It might be a bit off the beaten path, but this eclectic west end neighbourhood attracts plenty of pizza lovers thanks to its mix of gourmet and casual dining options. From unusual chef-inspired creations to cheap and tasty grab-and-go slices, here are the Junction’s best spots for pizza.

Nodo Restaurant

2885 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y9

The plates emerging from the kitchen at this upscale eatery look as though they’ve been lifted from the pages of a glossy Italian cookbook. The artisanal stone-baked oval pizzas are topped with authentic ingredients, such as San Marzano D.O.P. tomato sauce and burrata cheese. The menu features seven classic creations, four white pizzas and five unique chef’s creations, including the Milazzo, which is topped with mozzarella, mascarpone, prosciutto and cantaloupe. Multi-grain pizza dough is available upon request, and the pizzas are also available for take out.

Vesuvio Pizzeria and Spaghetti House

3010 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z3

This classic Italian eatery has been serving Junction residents for more than 50 years now. With its easygoing, family-friendly vibe, the restaurant is a great spot to take the kids or a big group. The classic margherita pizza is extremely popular (for good reason) and the spicy Volcano pizza offers plenty of fiery toppings that really bring the heat. This neighbourhood pizzeria also does take out and delivery.

Indie Alehouse

2876 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y8

If you’re hoping to pair your pizza with a high quality craft beer, check out this neighbourhood microbrewery for the perfect pub experience. The food menu here is a welcome departure from your average pub grub and the pizzas aren’t exactly run of the mill either. Diners can choose from a selection of eight unique pies topped with a variety of unorthodox ingredients. The Blue Pig pizza is topped with tête de cochon and blue cheese, while the Delicata is a sweet mix of roasted squash, ricotta and caramelized onions.

Dundas Pizza

3088 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z8

If you’re looking for a quick slice, this casual walk-in joint is sure to cure your appetite. The no-frills space doesn’t offer a lot of seating, but grab-and-go diners will love the oversized slices and affordable prices. They don’t offer delivery, but you can call ahead for takeout and they’ll have your pie ready for you to take away.

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