Places to satisfy your vegetarian palate in downtown Toronto

Whether you’re a vegetarian looking to sample some new dishes in the city or you simply want to skip the meat for one meal, these vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Toronto are sure to satisfy your taste buds.


785 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5S 0B7

While a little more expensive than the competition, this high-end vegan restaurant on Bloor Street West, near High Park, serves plenty of unique and exciting vegetarian items that are sure to keep your stomach full and bring out your inner foodie. Try a taco wrap (an assortment of vegetables wrapped in a leafy collard green), zucchini stuffed with cashew cheese and pine nuts, or a buckwheat and flax seed pizza crust. If you haven’t noticed, Rawlicious has dozens of creative and colourful dishes to devour.

One Love Vegetarian

854 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R 3G3

One Love Vegetarian is a Caribbean food restaurant located close to Bathurst subway station. Here, you can feast on traditional Creole vegetarian dishes, such as roti shells stuffed with seasoned pumpkin, BBQ tofu stir-fry, yellow yams with bananas and avocado and other fine fare. The One Love Corn Soup is so famous that it’s even been featured on the Food Network. One Love is also a strong supporter of local farmers.

Fresh on Bloor

326 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1W5

With four locations in Toronto, Fresh must be doing something right. This vegetarian restaurant is known for its cold-pressed juices and smoothies – and the numerous flavour options will have you pondering for a while. Their rice bowls are great fillers and their salads are a healthy bet, but if you’re looking for something greasy, try their quinoa onion rings, served with chipotle dip. If the menu overwhelms you, ask the server for a recommendation.

With its rich flavours, spicy sauces and loads of options, Indian food is a delicious and satisfying choice for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. From butter chicken to freshly-baked garlic naan, if you’re craving Indian food, these places will bring it right to your door.
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