Restaurants with the best fried chicken in Edmonton

What is it about fried chicken that’s so good, so great, so unbelievably satisfying? Is it the satisfying crunch that comes from a deliciously battered,flawlessly seasoned and perfectly fried bite? Oh that juicy, flaking chicken enrobed in that heavenly crust! Edmonton has a pretty fabulous fried chicken scene, so checkout these restaurants to get your fix. [Image credit:]

Meat Barbecue Ltd

8216 104 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E 4E6

Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue smoked meat sensation, Meat, was recently featured on the show You Gotta Eat Here!, where they sung Chef Nathan McLaughlin’s praises and devoured his fried chicken. As with all the meats on their menu, you order each delectable item individually and the sides separately, so you can pair your crunchy, traditional fried chicken with garlic fries, mac and cheese, Brussels sprouts, baked beans or potato salad.

Have Mercy Southern Table & Bar

8232 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4B2

New to Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue scene, the undeniably cool Have Mercy Southern Table and Bar offers a Tennessee dive bar vibe complete with Christmas lights, vinyl booths and live Elvis impersonators on Tuesday nights. Pairing their unbelievable fried chicken offerings (crispy salted, honey chile or Nashville hot rub) with a honey dip doughnut, Have Mercy delivers in the fried chicken department (never mind their outstanding fried green tomatoes).

Seoul Fried Chicken

4B-7904A 104th Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4C8

Seoul Fried Chicken open its doors in February 2016, just off Whyte Avenue to great success! Their OG (Original Gangster) chicken is the base from which they build all of their fried chicken variations, and it’s an offering of perfection: crispy battered skin with moist, tender chicken underneath. Popular flavours include Korean spicy barbecue, cilantro lime, onion lover, garlic soy and golden Kari. Pair your chicken with mac and cheese pesto salad or sesame potato slaw.


10522 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 1R9

Located on Edmonton’s popular 124 Street, Canteen’s fried chicken offering is on their beloved brunch menu and is an infamous dish: fried chicken and waffles. This southern stable has taken the city by storm and Canteen nails it with their buttermilk fried chicken, served atop a Belgian waffle and complemented with smoky maple syrup. Everything Canteen does is gourmet and heavenly, and this dish is no different.

The Common

9910 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1H5

While always available on their menu, Monday nights are The Common’s Chicken and Waffles nights, where their spicy fried chicken and bacon waffle topped with blackberry, goat cheese butter and watermelon is only $12. You won’t want to miss this unique take on this classic soul comfort food.

Coco Deep Fried Chicken

12620E 132 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 3P9

A gem hidden in a north side strip mall, Coco Deep Fried Chicken is a fast food fried chicken joint at an affordable price. Coco’s offers two variations: regular and Korean sweet and hot chicken, served with your choice of rice or fries. Plus, they have a chicken and waffle dish too! Satisfy that fried chicken craving on the fly by picking up some yummy takeout from Coco’s (they also have a south side location).

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good, well made pie: light, buttery, flaky crusts paired with delectable, fruity or creamy fillings – a heavenly culinary adventure. Between its world-class bakeries, local niche restaurants and made-from-scratch farmers’ market pies, Edmonton has some spectacular pie offerings.
Cheesecakes are the unparalleled dessert for cheese aficionados … no other dessert can even touch a cheese lover’s heart. A good cheesecake causes intense cravings; it has a distinct mouth feel and flavour and comes in many delightful varieties. From simple cheesecake with a graham crust to complex cheesecake flavours like turtle, strawberry champagne or salted caramel apple, Edmonton has a cheesecake to satisfy your craving.
Pulled pork is sweeping the world by storm, filling countless menus with its often sweet and savoury and flaky, tender morsels. A versatile menu item, it can stand alone with some barbecue sauce and Brussels sprouts or fill a sandwich topped with tangy coleslaw. However you serve it, pulled pork always hits the spot.[Image credit: Patterson]
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