Revolutionize your exercise: Unique workouts in Calgary

There are many ways to get active without being a gym rat, but even running, spinning, yoga, barre and bootcamps can get old quickly. These gyms and studios offer workouts that will not only make you break a sweat, but also keep you from getting bored.

Calgary Sport & Social Club

180-4411 6 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4E8

The gym can sometimes feel isolating, so why not grab a couple buddies (and meet some new ones) and join a team sport? The Calgary Sport and Social Club offers league play in many traditional sports, like soccer and volleyball, but you can also relive your elementary school days by joining a dodgeball league. Or try futsal, a Brazilian variation of soccer.

Body Rock Fitness

119 9A Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 9C5

Do traditional yoga classes make you go “um…?” instead of om? Fit Republic in Bridgeland is the only studio in Calgary to offer AntiGravity yoga, a unique system that uses hammocks as support while you assume various poses. Expect classes to include inversions and hanging poses that will make you feel like you’re flying. In addition to AntiGravity fitness, Fit Republic also offers spin, rowing, TRX, HIIT circuit workouts, kickboxing and barre.

The Fitness Table

1130 12 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1A7

Long days sitting in front of the computer can negatively impact posture and cause lower back pain. Founded by former ballerina Thérèse Cadrin-Petit, The Fitness Table method employs a uniquely shaped, tiltable table that allows you to partially anchor yourself and change your centre of gravity during workouts, thereby engaging a range of muscles. Classes feature exercises that focus on increasing core strength, improving posture and eliminating back pain.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD)

111 12 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0Z9

Why Zumba when you can dance? Known more for its reputation as a professional dance company for over 30 years, DJD also offers a variety of classes for all age groups and dance backgrounds. Naturally, the studio offers jazz dance, but also so much more – options include belly dancing, Bollywood, funk, West African, house, you name it! Drop-in rates are available, so you can try a variety of styles, or register in your favourite class for the season.

Ballroom & Country Dance Studio

121C 17 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1L7

Add a bit of sass to your workout with Burlesquercise! Combining steps and movements from ballet, jazz, Latin dancing and Pilates with a side of sexy props – think high heels and feather boas – Burlesquercise will boost your confidence along with your fitness level. Classes are available at multiple city locations including Ballroom & Country Dance Studio.


2629 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0A5

The thought of learning how to pole dance might make you giggle, but it requires a lot of upper body strength – and no stripping! PoleJunkies offers 12 class levels, so you start with a few swings and floor moves before eventually learning advanced grips and inverted poses, all in small classes with a maximum of 10 participants. In addition to pole, PoleJunkies also offers aerial yoga classes.

Champions Creed

119 42 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2G 1Y2

If you’ve ever watched Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and thought to yourself, “I could do that!”, now’s your chance. Champions Creed is owned and operated by Brian Bird, who coached local mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Nick Ring to the UFC. The Champions Creed team includes instructors in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling, so you can develop your skills in each of the martial arts before putting it all together in the cage.

WTM Fitness

2561 Calais Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7L9

If you’re interested in less grappling and more striking in your martial arts regimen, WTM Fitness focuses on Muay Thai, also known as the art of the eight limbs; in addition to the kicks and punches seen in kickboxing, knee and elbow strikes are also used. WTM Fitness is open to all skill levels and age groups, offering kids’ classes and ladies-only beginner classes all the way to competition training. If weapons are more your thing, try eskrima, a Filipino martial art that employs sticks and knives, or kendo, a Japanese martial art featuring bamboo swords.

Orangetheory Fitness

8003-873 85th Street SW, Calgary, AB T3H 0J5

If you’re a numbers person, then Orangetheory Fitness might just be your No. 1 fitness destination. Participants wear heart rate monitors during its high-intensity classes, and the results are splashed on a big screen during the workout. The goal is to train for at least 12 to 20 minutes at more than 84 per cent of your maximum heart rate – the “orange zone,” which is thought to burn calories with increased efficiency. Former Global News anchor Cara Fullerton is head trainer at the West Springs location, one of three in Calgary.

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