Sample from the sweetest dessert spots in Toronto

Toronto is a city with lots of variety, and there's no exception when it comes to its patisseries, bakeries, and sweets shops. From traditional Canadian tarts to international delights, plus vegan, gluten-free, and other healthy options, there's something to satisfy everyone. Best of all? The delectable desserts at these charming Toronto dessert are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. [Image credit: Alter]

D Spot Dessert Cafe & Bistro

51 Lebovic Ave, Scarborough, ON M1L 0H2

Pancakes for dessert? I’m game! Especially when it’s a sweet creation like three buttermilk pancakes covered in strawberries, whipped cream and strawberry sauce. And, peanut nutter pancakes covered in Reese's Pieces? Can’t say no to that! If you're in the mood for waffles, check out Hit D Spot, with vanilla and chocoholic ice cream sandwiched between two waffles, piled high with brownies, chocolate and white chocolate curls, roasted almonds, and hot fudge and hot white chocolate fudge sauces (#drool).

Dessert Lady Cafe

7 Saint Thomas St, Toronto, ON M5S 2B7

The Dessert Lady Caféoffers yummy desserts such as biscotti, ice cream, sorbet, tarts, five different types of pies, 12 different flavours of French macarons, and endless cakes. This Yorkville café is best known for its cakes and cupcakes. Sample a moist chocolate cupcake with roasted pistachio buttercream icing, or a delectable Belgian chocolate mousse cake with two layers of chocolate sponge cake and two layers of smooth, creamy, dark chocolate mousse.

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

5417 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5R6

At Pastel Creperie & Dessert House, you can enjoy dessert crepes and waffles, ice cream (some homemade), parfaits, cakes, mousse and cookies. You'll love sitting in the clean, bright, beautiful space while satisfying yourself with something sweet and a cup of coffee. Try the shortcake waffle, topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries, and dotted with pieces of sponge cake and scoops of strawberry ice cream.

Rahier Patisserie

1586 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 3B7

A Belgian café located in the heart of Leaside, Rahier Patisserie offers beautiful, artisanal, European pastries. You can savour chocolate croissants, tarts made with pear, apricot and fig, lemon meringue, macarons, danishes, mini mousse cakes and more. Cool down with some pistachio ice cream or raspberry sorbet, plus many other flavours to choose from. Sit inside or enjoy the outside patio on intimate South Bayview Avenue.


13 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T 1L1

You'll find Kekou Gelato House in the heart of the downtown core. Here, you can enjoy something a little different – inexpensive, fresh, Asian-style gelato made with real fruit and tea leaves. Kekou offers such a wide variety of flavours of gelato, a frozen dessert much like ice cream, that you'll have trouble choosing what to get over another.

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