Satisfy your steamy cravings at these Montreal casse-croûtes

If you’ve lived in Montreal long enough, chances are you’ve craved a steamy, or “steamé” in bon Québecois. Sure, many Montrealers can probably tell you where the nearest Belle Pro is located at any given time, but when you’re looking for the classic snack, these mom-and-pop shops have got you covered.

Décarie Hotdog

953, boul Décarie, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 3M3

Mere minutes from the Côte-Vertu metro station, Decarie Hot Dog is a Montreal institution. The small dive restaurant is usually full (Montrealers really do love their steamies), but thanks to the efficient staff, you won’t have to wait long. You can get two steamies, some greasy fries and a soft drink for around seven dollars.

Gibeau Orange Julep

7700, boul Décarie, Montréal, QC H4P 2H4

The Gibeau Orange Julep has been serving Montreal steamies and their classic frothy julep since 1932. Once a drive-in restaurant, the large orange dome on Décarie Boulevard is hard to miss. They are open 24 hours a day during the summer and have reduced hours during the winter. While you now have to pick up your savoury steamies at the counter, you can still enjoy them at one of the picnic tables they have laid at while you ponder what’s inside the large sphere.

Greenspot Restaurant

3041, rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H4C 1N9

Located in Saint-Henri, the Greenppot serves all of the greasy spoon classics, such as club sandwiches, smoked-meat, burgers, breakfast, and of course, steamies. Enjoy the Montreal classic with one of their signature poutines. This place is relatively cheap, and definitely worth the trip if you’re in the Saint-Henri area.

Montréal Pool Room

1217, boul Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2S6

In case you’re wondering, Montreal Pool Room is not a pool hall, but you will be hitting a bulls-eye when it comes to the hot-dogs. The classic steamie will set you back just over a dollar and can be topped with coleslaw or sauerkraut, in addition to mustard and relish, of course. This small casse-croûte has been in business since 1912, and with dogs like these, they are not going anywhere.

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