Scandinavian style shops in Vancouver

As minimalist design takes Vancouver by storm, these local boutiques offer streamlined home-wares, clothing, and more products and goodies, all inspired by the distinct Scandinavian style of great white north.

Neighbour Shop

125-12 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A5

Tucked away in Gastown, Neighbour has earned a reputation as Vancouver’s premier menswear boutique thanks to owner Saager Dilawri’s discerning eye. A true believer in the road less traveled, Saager and his fashion forward associates travel north often, scouring trade shows to bring back lovely Our Legacy crewnecks, suede trainers from Eytys, dark knits of the Chauncey variety, and much more. Timeless clothes (with a twist) are complimented by a striking collection of art objects, many of which also hail from Scandinavia, of course.

Neighbour / Woman

45 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9

Women who once flocked to Neighbour in search of gifts for him will be even more pleased to learn its counterpart is located just steps away on Powell Street. Infused with a similar aesthetic and sensibility, this pretty yet stark boutique offers feminine Scandinavian clothing and accessories, as well as more garments, fragrances, and select home-wares from around the world. Tip: don’t arrive in a rush; the shop’s calming interior and idiosyncratic stock list are meant to be savoured.

The Board of Trade

227 Union St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2B2

One of the first lifestyle stores to set up shop in Chinatown, Board Of Trade Co is run by a brother-sister duo and their best friend who unabashedly “sell you what we love.” And their love affair with Scandinavian minimalism is apparent: the design trend informs nearly everything, from the shop’s clean lines, concrete floors, and white walls, to its selection of handpicked clothing, jewelry, cards, gifts, footwear, scented candles, and even bright white pots for your hanging plants.

Vancouver Special

3612 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N5

This beloved East Vancouver furniture shop is known for its of-the-moment design pieces that don’t (always) break the bank. Spacious and bright, Vancouver Special looks more like an art studio than a shop due to its carefully stocked selection of furniture (including stellar sofas) and artfully placed household accessories, which are sourced from designers in Scandinavia and Japan, mostly. Local products with a modern twist are also found here, as are beautiful art, and books about art and design.

Old Faithful Shop

320 Cordova St W, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E8

Sitting on the earthy end of the minimalism spectrum, Old Faithful’s eclectic, rich-smelling interior houses dry goods such as chocolates, bitters and condiments, and clothing and lifestyle items that range from essential oils, to wool socks, to worn leather bags. While brands hail from around the globe, the shop takes its cue from Scandinavia, with pared down collections displayed on clean wood surfaces. As you browse, knowledgeable staff will fill you in on the latest in trends (and look beautiful while doing so!).

Inform Interiors Inc

50 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4

A fixture on Vancouver’s contemporary design landscape, Inform Interiors has sourced renowned architectural and design pieces for some of the finest developments and homes in the city. But for those in search of something less substantial (and less pricey), the company’s Water Street showroom – which boasts three floors and a rooftop – offers an immersive and free viewing experience of their acclaimed furniture designs, accessories, fine art, and books. Tip: the store’s collection of rare museum pieces is well worth the walk through the vast showroom.

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