Sliced and stacked sandwiches Toronto's in West Queen West

While it's sometimes viewed as an exclusive lunch item – one that's frequently passed over for more readily-available fast food options – the classic sandwich has become so much more in recent years. Toronto's trendy West Queen West 'hood has a number of great sandwich places worth a visit.

Come And Get It Restaurant

676 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E5

This innovative joint on Queen Street West offers a unique way to order food. Presented with a number of flavour options, from short ribs to coconut shrimp, customers are tasked with deciding the format in which they’d like it served. Do you get it to go as a sandwich or eat it in a bowl as a poutine? Come and Get It bakes bread daily, making it the perfect spot for sandwich-lovers to find something truly unique.

White Squirrel Coffee Shop

907 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G5

In addition to some of the best coffee on Queen Street West, White Squirrel also has a number of amazing sandwiches for those looking for a quick meal on the go. Made fresh and from high-quality ingredients, the sandwiches come in varieties for both breakfast and lunch. The space is small and seating is limited, but if you’re just looking for something to take to work then there are few better places.

Nam Sandwich

874 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3

With heavy influences from the French, along with many traditional Vietnamese ingredients, the banh mi sub sandwich has become one of the best fusion foods. Few places do this simple meal better than the Nam Sandwich Shop. With fillings like lemongrass chicken, coconut meatballs and five-spice pork belly, you are guaranteed to get an original and delicious sandwich here. They don’t allow substitutions, but for those who want it spicy, you have the option to add jalapeños.

Bernate Foods Ltd

148 Beaconsfield Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 3J6

With more than two dozen options for sandwich lovers, Café Bernate opened in 1991, and has been a West Queen West favourite ever since. From the now-classic chicken and brie to more exotic fare like the Thai vegetarian sandwich, the consistent quality and service will keep you coming back.. Be sure to try the house sandwich, which is a version of a club with chicken, bacon, lettuce and apple. They also offer sandwich platters for an easy catering option.

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