Spa on a Budget in Calgary

Canadians work some of the longest hours and take the least amount of vacation time in the developed world. If your next vacation is months away, you can likely manage to take time for stress relief. These Calgary spas will provide some much needed relaxation without breaking the bank.

Dharma Studios

1601 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0W6

The word “dharma” is Sanskrit for living with purpose and service. And so, Dharma Studio is aptly named. Its Indian head massage, which is accompanied by the application of aromatic hair oils, is adapted from a traditional Ayurvedic practice. It is said to induce a level of deep sensory calm using. To top it off, clients also receive a foot massage and hot towel wraps are provided for both head and feet.

Stillwater Spa

700 Centre St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5P6

Located in the Hyatt Regency Calgary, Stillwater Spa encourages clients to arrive 30 minutes before scheduled treatments but you may just want to stay all day. While you wait for your appointment, guests are encouraged to indulge in Stillwater’s amenities including its whirlpool, steam room and spa lounge. Lockers, slippers and robes are provided to guests. Express manicure, express pedicure, sport manicure and the Radiance Peel facial are all priced affordably.

The Centre Spa & Wellness

1430 19 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 1A6

Although The Centre Spa and Wellness has its roots in pre- and postnatal massage and infant/new mother care, one can come and enjoy an affordable and relaxing spa manicure and pedicure with or without a baby bump in tow. A step up from a basic mani-pedi, the spa manicure-pedicure includes massage, exfoliant and either a paraffin wax treatment or cooling shea butter mask and lasts an impressive 60 and 75 minutes, respectively.

Inner Balance Spa

101-424 10 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1V9

Holistic health is fostered through alternative therapies at Inner Balance Spa. Its staff members are registered therapists in their specific fields, and insurance claims are welcome. An impressive list of treatments includes massage (therapeutic, relaxation, energy, couples, prenatal) Reiki, manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial cupping and infrared sauna.

Spa Europa

100-1029 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A9

Canadian winters require that special attention be paid to keeping the skin moist. Enjoy a hydrotherapy (water) treatment at Spa Europa where both the phytotherapy herbal bath and milk bath treatments are said to stabilize the skin’s moisture levels and leave skin silky soft and supple.

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