Succulent seafood restaurants in Halifax

The difference between seafood in Halifax and seafood in other places is quite obvious: You're eating something that was often caught 10 minutes before. Being surrounded by the ocean has its advantages! Halifax has it going on with seafood – whether you're looking for a refined lobster bisque or down-home fish and chips. Go fish.

Willman's Fish And Chips

3154 Isleville St, Halifax, NS B3K 3Y2

Willman's has been in operation since the 1940s, yet it often flies under the radar because it's tucked away on a side street in the Hydrostone. Make the trip: The fish is fresh, with just the right amount of batter to stay crispy, accompanied by mountains of fries. With a checkerboard floor and views onto charming, tree-lined streets, the dining room at Willman's is an inviting spot.


Historic Properties, Halifax, NS B3J 1S9

It's hard to beat Salty's for location: Perched out over water, on one of the wooden docks that jut into Halifax Harbour, it has 180-degree views. In the summer, you can sit outside, breathe in the briny air, and watch the ferries go back and forth from Dartmouth. Try the soft, crunchy calamari or the crab cakes, which melt on the tongue. The salmon steak is juicy and perfect with a few drops of lemon. It's not cheap, but you won't care.

Evan's Fresh Seafoods and Restaurant

2 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4W1

Take the ferry across to Alderney Landing for some gluten-free seafood at Evan's. They go out of their way to make sure all guests have options, but taste is not something they sacrifice in the process. The lobster poutine is as deliciously cheesy and soggy as any in Montreal; the clams and chips come with handmade tartar sauce – not too sweet; and the burger is a giant hunk of haddock. The setting is almost cafeteria-like, but even casual dining is worth a stop.

Five Fisherman Restaurant & Grill

1740 Argyle St, Halifax, NS B3J 2B6

The Five Fishermen is another beacon on the Halifax dining scene. It’s impossible to miss in the large, historic house located on the corner of Argyle and Carmichael Street. As with other high-end seafood establishments in Halifax, if the fish isn't very fresh, then something is amiss. Please do try the lobster linguine or the lobster-stuffed scallops; they are a great mix of sweet and savoury. The service is excellent and the booths – made of dark wood, with brass railing around them -– are comfortable and cozy.

Boondocks Dining Room & Lounge

6 Government Wharf Rd, Halifax, NS B3Z 3P1

A bit off the beaten path, but still in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Boondocks gets you so close to the fish that the lobster in your lobster roll is actually right off the hook! The views from Eastern Passage are beautiful – cross your fingers the sun is shining and you can sit outside. Order the fish and chips; they're light on the batter and heavy on the taste, and of great value, to boot.

McKelvie's Delishes Fishes Dishes

1680 Lower Water, Halifax, NS B3J 1T1

The subtle flavours of the crab bisque – not too fishy, not overly creamy – are representative of the wider menu at McKelvie's; there's a sense of skill and restraint here. It's evident, for example, in the tempura fish tacos, which have just enough batter and just enough spice. Located in an attractive historic building near the harbour, McKelvie's arched windows let in plenty of light, giving the dining room, with its inviting booths, a bright, contemporary feel.

The Caesar is a true Canadian classic invented in a Calgary hotel in the 1960s. But this beloved Canuck cocktail is just as popular in Halifax as it is on the Prairies. The vodka flows freely, the Clamato juice is plentiful and there’s lots of pepper to go around. From downtown to the North End, sally forth and seek your perfect Caesar.
Halifax has a healthy food scene, but is still finding its footing with ramen; the selection is limited with stark variations in quality and diversity. Don't despair though – there are some wonderful places that have sprung up in the last few years where you're bound to find ramen to your liking.
Halifax is a town built for eaters and drinkers: Whenever a new spot opens, there's always plenty of interest in and debate around it. In order to hold your own as a restaurant here in Halifax, you have to do something tasty and interesting. This holds especially true for that cherished dish: The salad. All the traditional iterations are here, as well as succulent Cobb versions to citrus Caesar salads.
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