The best Chinese food delivery in Toronto: West end edition

If you live in Toronto's east end, you don’t need a fortune cookie to tell you that you’re in for some top regional Chinese cuisine. With wallet-friendly prices and enough styles of chop suey and chow mein to last a lifetime, these tried-and-true Chinese restaurants deliver value as well as dinner.

South Sea Chinese Food

1330 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1M9

The extensive menu here tempts with options for both meat eaters and veggies. If you’re looking for something different, head straight to the chef’s specials, with chicken and beef dishes prepared in all kinds of delectable ways, or pick and choose form the Szechuan menu. Free delivery is available within the neighbourhood for orders over $20.

Eden Chinese Food

1025 Coxwell Ave, East York, ON M4C 3G4

Any restaurant that’s been in business for nearly 60 years, like Eden Chinese Food, gets our vote. They tick all the boxes here with quality chicken, beef, soups and vegetarian dishes, plus combination dishes and delicious Cantonese food. Feeling adventurous? Try the chef’s specials, including the likes of Singapore-style fried curry vermicelli and seafood chow mein.

Peking Express

217 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A 2Z4

With a menu as long as your arm, specializing in old school, traditional Chinese food, you can be sure of getting the real deal here. In addition to à la carte menu items, they offer economical dinner packages for two, three, four, and six, plus tasty combos. Throw in a bag of fun fortune cookies for dessert – although you won’t need one of these to know you’ll be back!

Seaspray Restaurant

629 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M4E 1R3

Forget the menu that reads like a dictionary of the most mouth-watering Chinese favourites; this restaurant gets top marks for its special dinner deals for solo diners who just want to eat well without a ton of leftovers. They also offer special combos for even and odd number of guests up to six. There’s a small charge for delivery, which may vary depending on your location.

Danforth Dragon Restaurant

861 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L8

Hold on to your taste buds! This unique spot serves up a type of Chinese food known as Hakka, and it’s hot! Hakka is found in India amongst second and third generation Indian Chinese people who came from Canton. Think Chinese style with Indian spices. We love the sauces and syrups of traditional Chinese cuisine, but if you want something a little less shiny and just as delicious, Hakka fits the bill.

955 Chinese Food

2252 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1G2

Using the best meats and freshest vegetables in their cooking, Kingston Chinese offers an array of the classic dishes you know, love and wish you had a big enough stomach to order in one go. They also serve great value dinner packages and tasty combination dinners. The Chef’s specials include some mouth-watering options such as General Tso’s chicken, Seafood Delight and Mongolian beef.

Honeybee Restaurant

1976 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H8

Like your Chinese food à la Canadienne? They serve Canadian-style chop suey chow mein and omelettes at this friendly place. For the die-hard Chinese food lovers, there are plenty of Szechuan, sweet and sour, and rice dishes as well. As for dessert, there aren’t many Chinese restaurants that serve cheesecake, but you’ll find it here! Free local delivery is available with a minimum purchase.

Dine And Dim Restaurant

633 Gerrard E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Y2

An impressive list of reporters and reviewers alike have raved about this elegant restaurant – this place is that good. Pearl Court’s menu boasts more than 150 dishes for dinner, so you won’t go hungry. Alongside Chinese goodies, jelly fans might like to know that the dessert menu includes almond jello.

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