The most original burgers in Quebec City

When you're hungry for a burger but want something out of the ordinary, it can be difficult to find places where the most original sandwiches are served. Look no further: this list was made for you. Here are the most original burgers served in Quebec City!

Jack Saloon

1155, rue de la Chevrotière, Québec, QC G1R 3J6

The food at Jack Saloon has a reputation for being served in large quantities and for being pretty greasy. You don't count calories here but can satisfy a good appetite at this restaurant. Their burgers are undoubtedly the most original in Quebec City. For fans of sugar, the Krispy Kreme burger is a must, served between two caramelized doughnuts. Le Bourgeois, with fried foie gras, stout cheddar and peanut butter, is also out of the ordinary. In fact, all the burgers at Jack Saloon have a little something special.

Restaurant Le Projet

399, rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC G1R 1N8

Here, you can enjoy excellent Quebec microbrewery beers. And in addition to that, the food is good, including a range of tartares, salads, poutines and burgers. The burger Fest – the most original burger offered here - is made of two pieces of pretzel bread, sausage meat made with Scottish beer, bacon strips, sauerkraut and cheese. This is an excellent choice if you want to try a different dish.

Resto-Pub L'Immédiat

1221 Charles-Albanel, Québec, QC G1X 4V1

L’immédia’s specialties are smoked meat, fish ’n' chips and burgers. To be really original, they decided to create a dish with two of their specialties: the burger la Dépêche is a fish burger with a patty of fish ’n' chips, topped with mashed peas and alfalfa. For lovers of fish ’n' chips, this burger is a must.

Le Flash Bistro

2600 Bd Laurier, Québec, QC G1V 4T3

Le Flash Bistro revisits the retro elements that made the original establishment, le Flash Café, a popular place for over 15 years. The restaurant has undergone a rejuvenation and now offers a menu that is more responsive to customer tastes. The Whitehail, a deer burger with peppers, mushrooms and arugula (rocket), is an original and delicious burger. There is also a very enticing veggie burger on the menu.

La Voie Maltée

1040, boul Pierre-Bertrand, Québec, QC G1M 3H1

The Voie maltée is a microbrewery where you can taste several house beers made on site. In addition, it is possible to accompany your beer with a delectable meal. Tartares, salads, pizzas, grilled items and burgers make up the menu. The most original burger is the Cheeseburger double crabe (double crab cheeseburger), consisting of two crab cakes with Charlevoix Emmental cheese, pepper and tomato salsa, lettuce and spicy mayon'Ale, all placed between two buns.

Blaxton Cartier

1179, av Cartier, Québec, QC G1R 2S9

The burgers have always been popular at this restaurant, even from the time when it was called le Turf. On the menu, there are more classic burgers, and some that are quite out of the ordinary. The Porky burger, made from a barbecue pork patty, prosciutto, homemade smoked cheddar cheese, an onion ring and sriracha mayo, is a unique choice. The Triple B, consisting of a beef patty, goat cheese, arugula (rocket), pesto, roasted peppers and caramelized onions, also makes a tasty meal.

Le Chic Shack

15, rue du Fort, Québec, QC G1R 3W9

At the Chic Shack, the specialty is burgers. They are all served on brioche bread created by a local artisan. They offer a variety of burger toppings and meats. The restaurant’s most original burger is Le Petit Dej, a burger made with a beef patty, Quebec cheddar cheese, porchetta, crispy bacon, a fried egg, a slice of tomato, pickled onions and hollandaise sauce with Tabasco. It is rather "flyé" (eccentric) eating a breakfast burger in the evening.

Chez Victor St-Paul

140-300, rue Saint-Paul, Québec, QC G1K 7R1

The famous burgers of Chez Victor are second to none. There are eight locations in Quebec City and each Victor offers its own specialties and decor. For example, on rue St. Paul, the duck confit burger with figs and honey is a very tempting choice. Meanwhile, at the Hamel Boulevard location, you will find camel burgers – yes, the animal with two humps on its back. At the Beauport location, it is the naganon pork and haddock fillet that are the specialties. There are also several veggie choices that will appeal even to meat lovers as they are so original.

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