The top spots for a post-workout boost in Toronto

How you recover after a workout is as important as the workout itself. Being a bustling urbanite probably means you’re often on-the-go and under tighter time constraints. If you find yourself downtown and in need of a pick-me-up after your yoga class or cross-fit session, check out these healthy spots for a delicious post-workout boost. [Image credit:]

Fresh on Crawford

894 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3

It’s preferably somewhere to go if you’ve got a little more time, but Fresh also offers made-to-order take-out, and the menu is loaded with excellent post-workout options. From power shakes and fruit smoothies to their energizing immune elixirs and “supermilks,” protein is more than covered. For fuller meals when you’ve worked up an appetite, try any of their famous brown rice or soma noodle bowls, or the hard-to-resist quinoa-crusted onion rings.

The Music Garden Cafe

466 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5V 2Y3

This is a personal favourite of mine thanks to the fact it’s near the Martin Goodman Trail and the basketball courts at the Harbourfront Community Centre. Music Garden Café is a warm, comfortable and intimate setting, with all the bottled drink selections you would need after a sweat-heavy exercise session. For a perfect snack after a 10k run though, balance protein and carbs with the smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese and capers. Add the red lentil soup for those cooler days.

Booster Juice

257 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1R5

The original juicers and smoothie masters of Toronto, the chain is still a great place to literally boost up quickly after a workout. Plus, you can’t really argue with Jose Bautista. Take your pick. If you go the “Hardcore” route, try the I.C. Carrots in an oh-so-healthy deep orange hue. For the “Superfood” variety, consider the Pomegranate Passion. And in terms of the good old “High Protein” category, you can’t go wrong with Bananas-A-Whey.


323 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1R7

The healthier end of fast-food chains generally offer excellent cheap options for some quick restoration after a session at the gym. Chipotle reigns in this category, with a menu filled with made-fresh Mexican food that offers all the elements of protein, carbs and great taste. Men’s Health magazine even cited their chicken burrito bowl (530 kCal) as one of the top fast-food post-workout meals (if you’re aiming for calorie-wise, make sure you go with the brown rice and all available vegetables).

St Lawrence Market

92-95 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C2

There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a heap of all-natural produce available at this downtown market’s. Peruse the many stands filled with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, alongside butchers and fishmongers. Plus, if you’re hungry after your big Saturday workout, check out the market’s slew of delicious ready-made sandwiches and other snacks.

Pizza: it’s the staple of food delivery and go-to for a quick but gourmet treat. These downtown spots can quickly curtail your cravings, but many of them go beyond the pie, offering a slew of Italian classics and a wide variety of deliverables. [Image credit:]
Toronto-ites can be a fussy lot, craving everything from buttermilk-fried chicken to steaming enchiladas, and expecting delivery right to their front door. Luckily, in downtown Toronto, there’s a cornucopia of options at your fingertips, and here are some of our top picks. [Image credit:]
Take it from somebody who has lived there: Southeast Asia is a diverse cornucopia of cuisine, with various regional nuances often unseen to the naked eye. Like the rest of that part of the world, Thailand features a unique cross-section of fare, and downtown Toronto offers a pretty good sampling that can be delivered right to your door.
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