Thrilling daytime bachelor party activities in Edmonton

Weddings - okay, wedding receptions - are fun, but not nearly as much fun as the bachelor parties. Stags are often hazy but always memorable, especially as the daylight wanes. But what about the day, when you need something fun to do for a gang of rowdy dudes looking to send their buddy off to a life of domesticity? Edmonton and area has you covered.

Axe Hole Indoor Axe Throwing

104-11614 119 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 2X7

If you’re looking for an activity that will you make you feel like the manliest damn man that ever manned, this is it. Start letting your inner Viking loose by tossing axes for a few hours, then head out for an evening of feasting and conquering the city. Manly grunts are completely acceptable.

Edmonton Paintball Centre

10010 107A Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 4H8

There are few better ways to encourage bonding than shooting one another. While many paintball courses mean a long drive out of the city, this one is just off downtown. The best part? It has a ton of bachelor party packages. There may be a few bruises and welts after, but hey, at least those ones will be easy to explain …

Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club

11230 110 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 3H7

There are few things Canadian boys love more than beer, buds and hockey - except their fiancées, of course. The Oilers are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, but don’t let that discourage you from grabbing tickets. The team has group tickets that you can make work for you. All you have to do is pick a game and a section and you’re in. Rexall Place is also famous for its beer, which regular puckheads will tell you, “is, like, way more potent than regular beer.” Even the guy who insists on cheering for the other team will enjoy himself.

Speeders Edmonton

12808 170 St NW, Unit 16, Edmonton, AB T5V 0A6

Speeders is the perfect way to get a mild adrenaline rush while determining who is really the best man. The pit crew is super helpful (just don’t crash into others on purpose) and more than accommodating, offering no line, track exclusivity and a variety of race packages. If you place, you even get a medal, which will impress everyone you meet later that night.

Eden North Parachute Schools Inc

2023 Township Rd 540, Onoway, AB T0E 1V0

Is the groom afraid of heights? Perfect. Get him in a plane, take him up high and get him to jump out. Okay, it’s not quite like that, since he’ll be strapped to a certified jumper, but there is no bigger rush than skydiving. Sure, you likely won’t be able to do one of those cool formations you see online, but Eden North will give you hilarious pictures and video. It’s a bit of a drive from Edmonton (about 20 minutes), but it’s worth it.

Edmonton Eskimo Football Club

11000 Stadium Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 4E2

Sports! Sports! Sports! Football brings most guys together, and if Dave doesn’t want to join, tell him to buck up - after all, there’s beer. Commonwealth Stadium is no stranger to revelers, as Esks fans are no stranger to face paint and green-and-gold everything. The season runs for over half the year (June to November) and tickets are affordable (playoff tickets start at $35). And, don’t forget about the beer. Don’t worry about memorizing the Eskimos fight song, either — there will be plenty of people to sing along with.

Laser City Laser Tag

10010 107A Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 4H8

If the groom is more of a low-key dude, check out this undeniably fun throwback. There’s 2,000 square feet to run around and relive your carefree youth. With a rainbow of neon-painted corridors, the interior looks like a video game, and is just as fun. No bruises, either.

Wild West Shooting Centre

2390-8882 170 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2

If the groom has a Lethal Weapon fantasy - or always says he’s “too old for this shit” - get together and fire off some rounds. Snuggled right in the infamous West Edmonton Mall (because, why not?), Wild West has more guns than your nutso uncle Ray. With excellent group rates that are even a little less on weekdays, the range gives you the opportunity to give a bunch of guns a go. You can even fire off a magnum, y’know, if you don’t feel like using your hand for the rest of the week.

If you need the perfect picture of joy, look no further than a dog in a park on a beautiful day – eyes lit up, tongue hanging out, tail keeping inconsistent time. Fortunately for your pup, Edmonton has acres of awesome park spaces.
If your weekend usually means more texts from your friends asking at which bar you’re planning on sitting around and drinking, maybe it’s time to switch it up. There are plenty of places around town to bond with your buds while keeping your heart rate up.
Not only is our city packed with talented musicians, there are also several joints to catch them putting on a show. These are Edmonton’s most reliable places you can just walk right into any night of the week and likely find good live music.
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