Toronto's best vintage shops for winter gear

It’s not just a line from your favourite TV show; winter really is coming. So get comfy, because it’s going to be a while. Fanciful vintage fashion abounds in Toronto, but let’s be real. As Canadians, a practical wardrobe suits us best. To help you plump up your closet for the cold, we’ve put together some of the best vintage shops for warm winter gear.


928 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G6

Started in 2007 as an online store, Philistine is now a top pick in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood for men’s and women’s outerwear. Sticking with a style that is cozy, classic and casual has made this collection accessible to anyone. Their men’s collection is primarily stocked with Americana-styled denim and leather as well as a stunning selection of cowboy boots. They also boast a relatively large collection of (mostly leather) quality shoes and boots.

Timeless Apparel

394 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A6

This colourful, spacious shop may remind you of the 1980s, but Timeless Apparel is also the place to find many of the basics for your winter wardrobe. For a stylized casual Friday, Timeless has a monopoly on nylon sports jackets and zip-ups. For all season cyclists and those who are just more practical, this is the spot for weatherproof layers and cozy button-down sweaters for long walks at night. Unlike many other vintage spots, Timeless has an even split of male- and female-friendly items as well as a solid collection of winter-ready shoes and boots in the back room.

Vintage Mix 1

186 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z7

For warm but work-ready ensembles, the always-trendy Ossington crowd favours Vintage Mix 1. This finely curated collection takes its cue from the Don Draper era, mixing quirky 1960s pieces with classy staple items. Attention-getters will love unique items like reptile-embossed Italian leather shoes, but Vintage Mix 1 also showcases quality wool cardigans, blazers and long skirts for a timeless layered look.

Public Butter

1290 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L4

Public Butter is a mainstay on Queen West. Opened in 2008, this large, eclectic shop has a decidedly San Francisco vibe. More Haight Ashbury in atmosphere than Queen West, Public Butter has everything from quirky long sleeve Bee Gees tees, to motorcycle jackets to fedoras (not to mention an extensive assortment of retro accessories). Word has it that Public Butter also selects some items from the granddaddy shop Black Market Vintage. With the motto “fresh vintage goods daily” this place is sure to have whatever you need.

In Vintage We Trust

1580 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A6

Opened in December 2014, In Vintage We Trust is relatively new on the Toronto second-hand scene. Bringing much-needed originality to the vintage game, this shop specializes in sports and work wear, primarily for the more masculine-inclined. Reviving 80s and 90s baseball caps, pullovers and sports jackets has given In Vintage We Trust an exclusive advantage. If you’re looking for something to wear to the next Jay’s game, this is your spot.

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