Vancouver dessert spots to satisfy your sweet tooth

Got a craving for some delectable chocolates, a smooth and rich cheesecake, or perhaps some handcrafted macarons and pastries that taste as good as they look? Then you’ll definitely want to indulge yourself at these dessert spots in Vancouver! [Image courtesy of Thierry; photo credit: James Stockhurst]

Aquilini Thierry Ltd

1059 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A1

The Alberni location and stylish interior give this café a feeling of luxurious comfort. With their vast selection of chocolates and handmade macarons, you can make a custom box of delicious treats to enjoy in the café or later at home. These make great gift options as well if you’re into sharing. With hours from early in the morning all the way to midnight, dessert can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

La Cuisson Coffee Shop

1326-8368 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4B4

A bit of a hidden gem, this dessert café is nestled within Union Square, a place with tons of great spots to eat. They have specials of the day (which sometimes include a cheesecake and coffee combo) that are perfect if you want to indulge after a meal at a nearby restaurant. A must-try unique item here is the tiramisu smoothie. Yes, that’s a drinkable tiramisu dessert that tastes as good as it sounds!

PappaRoti Coffee

1505 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C3

The trend of bringing popular franchises from Asia to Canada is proving quite successful, and Vancouver gets the benefit of being the city where many international eateries choose to launch. PappaRoti specializes in their signature coffee bun, which is a must try dish. The sweet buns are crispy on the outside, but soft and buttery on the inside. You can order buns in their original form or mix it up with several variations. Try them topped with maple syrup and ice cream, or strawberries and whipped cream.

Sweet Obsession

2611 16th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6K 3C2

Like the name suggests, this café is full of sweet baked goods from breakfast pastries to decadent cakes. Custom takeout orders are possible, so these bakers are happily to help with those special birthday cake requests. Whether you’re having breakfast or dessert, this cafe is sure to have something to satisfy your cravings.

Faubourg Bakery

2156 W 41st, Vancouver, BC V6M 1Z6

Not only can you enjoy great desserts here thanks to the great selection of cakes and macarons, but Faubourg also pulls off a great high tea menu as well; their reservations list fills up very quickly so be sure to book ahead of time. If the fancy gourmet desserts don’t entice you, perhaps their breads, baked using traditional French recipes, may be of interest. Bread lovers will be happy to know that they bake their bread several times throughout the day to ensure there’s a fresh loaf no matter when you pop in.

Mike Cheescake Ltd

2141 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3E9

The name says it all; this dessert joint specializes in cheesecake, and boy do they do it well! A dimly lit, intimate setting that’s only open in the evenings, this is a great place to go after having dinner in downtown. Try their cheesecakes au naturel, or sweeten it up with fruity compote and whipped cream. They have a great selection of teas and coffee as well to pair up with your cheesecake for the perfect dessert combo.

True Confections

866 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2L8

A very busy dessert spot in the evenings and weekends, this dessert parlour in the West End has a vast selection of cakes to choose from if you’re lucky enough to get a table. They have a nice patio for outdoor dining in the summer as well, because who wouldn’t love enjoying a nice slice of cake while basking in Vancouver sunshine!

Mink Chocolates

863 Hastings St W, Vancouver, BC V6C 3N9

Chocolate lovers beware; this place may tempt you to order the entire menu with its impressive range of different chocolate treats. You can even order drinking chocolate made with 70% Cacao, which makes for a very thick chocolaty beverage. Their waffles are an easy must-order item to complete your chocolate meal.

Berry Good Enterprises Ltd

1120-8766 McKim Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4G4

This very popular dessert spot is almost always packed full, so consider yourself lucky if you find a table here. They offer a cake and drink combo for hot and cold drinks; so no matter what the weather is like outside, there’s a combo to suit your needs. Berry Good’s great selection of quality cheesecakes has helped them become of the busiest spots in Richmond.

Yavis Club Cheesecake Café

1231-8338 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4B5

Yavis Club is another top dessert spot in Richmond located in Union Square. They have a vast selection of cakes that are beautifully plated. With a ton of different tea options here, trying to pair the right cake with the right tea is a difficult decision. Unique desserts such as the green tea gelato cup are just one of several reasons to come back for more.

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