Vancouver puppy training schools

Having a puppy is like having a toddler – times 10! Tame your wild puppy, and encourage him or her to develop good habits that will last a lifetime with the help of these top-notch trainers and puppy schools in Vancouver. Hurry, before you find another chewed-up shoe in your closet! [Photo credit: iStock/tderden]

Barking Babies Co

1188 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2X6

The business name rings true: your puppy is like one of your babies! Barking Babies’ fun puppy training program will teach your four-legged fur baby early socialization skills and basic obedience. Early socialization will help your puppy grow up to be calm, well adjusted and happy around other dogs and humans. By the end of the program, pet owners also won’t have to worry about inappropriate barking, biting or jumping. And yes, house-training will be taken care of. This program is ideal for puppies under 25 lbs., aged 10-20 weeks.

DOGSmart Training & Daycare

100-8206 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3E3

DOGSmart caters to both dogs and dog owners. From training, classes and doggy daycare, they’re ready to help you get your puppy off to a great start in life. They even have a DOGStore, where they sell a variety of specialized products including training tools and high-quality food. DOGSmart’s puppy training school will teach your puppy bite inhibition; improve housetraining (even around distractions); help socialize your pup with other dogs, objects and people; and improve basic manners.


409 2nd Ave W, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E3

PetSmart doesn’t just sell pet food and supplies – they also have a renowned Puppy Training program, available for pups aged 10 weeks to five months old. Taught by accredited dog trainers, the six-week puppy training class works with your canine’s natural instincts to stay close to you – their pet parent. Classes teach potentially life-saving skills and cues, such as “sit,” “come” and “stay.” They also cover basic manners, socialization with people and other dogs, and loose-leash walking. During the training process, positive behaviour is always encouraged and reinforced.

Downtown Dogs

3387 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5K6

Downtown Dogs features a range of services for your best friend: playcare, overnight care, training sessions, grooming and a retail store. Since 2005, they’ve offered a fun Puppy Kindergarten course that focuses on socialization and uses a positive-reinforcement approach. Their comprehensive curriculum addresses common puppy behavioural issues such as house-training, jumping up and mouthing. It also provides basic obedience training to develop a strong foundation of good behaviour. Your pup must be between 12 weeks and six-months old to participate.

Dizine Canine

1730 Vernon Dr, Vancouver, BC V6A 3T8

Dizine Canine’s highly skilled trainers offer both private sessions and group classes. Their Early Start for Puppies group training program is ideal for dogs between eight- and 16-weeks old. Trainers emphasize the importance of early socialization, as lack of proper socialization can lead to serious behavioural problems down the road. Their popular and affordable classes are one hour each and feature a drop-in option. In a special controlled environment, each class will help socialize your pup around both humans and other dogs.

DogStars Animal Training & Talent Agency

2050 Scotia St, Vancouver, BC V5T 4T1

At DogStars, your puppy will be well-trained in their top-notch training school and may also be scouted for the latest film or TV series! The team bases all their training programs on positive reinforcement and building obedient, healthy and trusting relationships between dogs and dog owners. DogStars Twinkle program is designed with puppies in mind. Puppy participants will learn basic cues, house-training, leash and walking manners, as well as social skills with people and other dogs. The training program will also rein in problem behaviours such as barking, nipping and jumping up.

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