Vancouver restaurants for fresh and flavourful hummus

God bless the chickpea. The humble bean transforms into a deliciously addictive spread with just a little olive oil, lemon and garlic. Whether you prefer to dip it, spread it, or just eat it by the spoonful, hummus can be enjoyed in its many forms at these Vancouver restaurants. [Photo credit:]

Nuba Gastown

207 Hastings St W, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7

Local Lebanese chain Nuba has developed a devout following among Vancouverites who just can’t get enough of their fresh and flavourful salads, pitas and meaty entrée plates. Inspired by family recipes and created with local ingredients, these Middle Eastern dishes are packed with exotic spices and are colourful in a way that will appeal to amateur food photographers. The house-made hummus – a blend of organic chickpeas, garlic, lemon and tahini – makes an appearance throughout the menu. Try the creamy spread a-la-carte with pita and pickles, or as an accompaniment to a number of hot mezze dishes and sharing platters.


2290 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B5

Satisfy your hummus hankerings throughout the day at this Lebanese inspired tapas bar on The Drive. Mix and match hot and cold mezze plates for a sampling of fresh Middle Eastern flavours. The creamy chickpea hummus is a classic snack but you’d be remiss if you didn’t try the hummus trio, a vegetarian-friendly platter that comes with an original-style dip and two seasonal flavours. As if the name didn’t give it away already, these creamy spreads are also available in take-home jars.

Saj & Co

813 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B7

There are plenty of cheap fast-food joints along this stretch of Davie Street, but Saj & Co. is a grab-and-go eatery that sets itself apart with its healthful and authentic Lebanese fare. The popular hummus plate features thick, made-from-scratch hummus served with fresh-baked Saj bread, fresh veggies and pickles. Diners can get their greens with the hummus garden salad, which features chopped spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, tomato, olives and chickpeas tossed with creamy hummus. Feelin’ extra hungry? Savoury wraps and sandwiches are made with yeast-free saj flatbread and stuffed with meat, veggies and a generous spread of hummus.

Chickpea (Food Truck)

884 Cordova St W, Vancouver, BC V6C 3N8

Vancouver’s newest food truck caters to hungry downtown office workers with its fresh Israeli-inspired cuisine. The entirely vegetarian menu (nicknamed The Chickpea Experience) allows diners to customize their own lunchtime adventure and turn their main-of-choice into a pita, salad or platter. Serious chickpea fans can order the organic hummus plate, which features a layer of creamy hummus topped with your choice of Mediterranean delights: think crispy fried cauliflower, eggs in a tangy tomato sauce, crunchy eggplant and fried falafels. The Chickpea truck can usually be found parked at Cordova and Hornby, but check Twitter for an exact location.

Al Basha

3143 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6K 2H2

Head west to Kitsilano for cheap-and-cheerful Middle Eastern cuisine that’s as tasty as it is affordable. At Al Basha, the service is fast and friendly, the portions are large, and the price is right. Plates of hummus are deliciously inexpensive at just $3.99. For a heartier meal, opt for a chicken pita wrap smothered with hummus, veggies and tahini. Vegetarian diners can tuck into a falafel plate with crispy falafels served atop a generous schmear of hummus with tabouleh, salad and pita bread on the side. Bonus: Al Basha is open until the wee-hours, making it a healthier after-hours option.

The Rumpus Room

2301 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C9

The Foundation is a Main Street staple beloved for its loud music, artsy crowd and novel vegetarian fare – the heaping nacho plates are the stuff of legend among Mount Pleasant locals. If you don’t fancy filling up on mounds of melted cheese, the Insurgent Hummus is perhaps a lighter choice. The garlicky chickpea dip is served with crispy nacho chips and flat bread for scooping up every last morsel. The hummus is also featured on the Katered Affair appetizer platter, which includes four easy-to-share dips and nibbles.

Matchstick Coffee

213 Georgia St E, Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z6

So what’s a hipster-approved coffee roaster doing on a list about hummus? Sure Matchstick’s baristas sling some of the finest espresso in the West, but the food menu will surprise you with its selection of savoury goodies. You’ll find artisanal toast options aplenty (of course), including a satisfying hummus plate. Fresh-baked crusty bread is paired with a creamy spread made with fibre-rich kabuli chickpeas sourced from Vancouver’s own Eat Grain. Large communal tables and a creative vibe make their Chinatown café an ideal spot to spend the afternoon working away on your laptop.

Afra on Main

3046 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G5

Get ready for a sensory overload the minute you step inside this family-owned deli specializing in grab-and-go prepared dishes and Middle Eastern specialty foods. The shelves are lined with a wide variety of imported goods: bulk grains and nuts, aromatic spices, and hard-to-find ingredients. Less ambitious foodies can check out the takeout counter for samosas, baklava, falafel and more. The house-made hummus has a bit of a kick to it and is a serious step up from straightforward grocery store dip. Feeding a group? Check out the take-home party platters, which feature a variety of dips, pita bread and fresh olives.

Uncle Abe's

3032 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G5

Mixed drinks meet Middle Eastern snacks at this new(ish) watering hole on Main Street. Delivering a super cozy vibe, the low-lit bar feels like a basement rec room with its lived-in floral couches and well-worn tables, Grab a table at Uncle Abe’s and order up falafels and grilled meats from Mitra Canteen next door. The hummus options are plentiful; try creamy chickpea dip on its own with pita, smothered in a wrap, or dolloped on a larger entrée plate paired with strips of tender beef, roasted lamb shank, spicy Moroccan chicken or with a medley of vegetables.

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