Vancouver’s most entertaining escape rooms

A popular form of entertainment in Japan that’s recently made its way to Canada, these challenging escape rooms in Metro Vancouver provide brief adventures and brainteasers aplenty. If you’re looking for an exciting indoor activity for a rainy day, these local spots are immersive, interactive and will definitely keep you guessing.

Escape Vancouver

7800 Alderbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 2A5

Compared to other rooms on the list, XCape’s offerings can feel fairly basic at times: sets are simple and even sparse, so imagination is definitely required. The puzzles themselves make up for any lack of set complexity, however. In these rooms you’ll uncover padlock codes you have never envisioned before, work on ciphers of growing complexity, and uncover genuine “Wow!” discoveries along the way.

Myst Escape

6851 Elmbridge Way, Richmond, BC V7C 4N1

With challenges set in a haunted school, jail (that you must escape from), and an art gallery to name but a few, Myst’s five rooms provide a high-quality experience that will flood you with adrenaline without leaving you quaking in your boots. There are some glitzy features to the rooms, such as a laser beam security grid – Mission Impossible style – that you must snake through to reach your next clue. Myst also offers a “Running Man” feature, where teams can make use of the whole facility across four games. Perfect for team building.

E-Exit Entertainment Group

1010-9111 Beckwith Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1V7

With five locations throughout the Lower Mainland, one of the most detailed websites in the business, and a unique take on each room, EXIT Canada is an ambitious kid on the block – and it shows. In addition to hosting more than 150,000 people since it opened its doors in 2013, E-Exit is a go-to location for corporate games and retreats for multinationals including Mercedes Benz and Audi, in addition to numerous Canadian Banks. Enjoy the gold-star experience in one of their rooms including Circus and Transylvania, both of which are extremely interactive.

Krakit Escape Game

4035 North Rd, Burnaby, BC V3J 1S3

Krakit’s offerings are on the spookier end of the escape room spectrum. Their rooms, all taking 45 minutes to complete, include The Saw Room (themed after the infamous movie), Asylum and Zombie Apocalypse, complete with creepy props that will have you shivering while you try to make your daring escape. The company also hosts Singles Nights throughout the year, which provides an unusual way to meet other single people. Join in with two 25-minute games, during which you’ll meet several new people. Even if you don’t find your match, at least the rooms themselves will get your pulse racing.

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