Vegan eats at Edmonton farmers’ markets

The outdoor farmers' market season ends in fall, but there are plenty of indoor markets available year-round. These farmers' markets are home to some of the tastiest vegan delights around - if you can't find them in winter, mark your calendars for May, when all the local farmers' markets are back in bloom.

Sailin' On (Food Truck)

Edmonton, AB T6X 1J9

This food truck has epic vegan eats! Try the BLT wrap filled with their delicious house made coconut bacon, a Reuben sandwich, "The Irish" curry chips or their incredible beer battered "fish" tacos. They offer great portions at a fair price, and can be found at the Grand Market on 124 Street Thursday evenings.

Truffula Modern Delicacies

Edmonton, AB T6X 1J9

They make yummy things, such as amazing artisan nut cheese, pickled figs and raw sweet onion bread - all of which go perfectly together. Their vegan cheese is ultra creamy and tastes like the real deal! Add it to pasta and salads, use it as sandwich spread or just eat it with veggies. You can find it at the Grand Market on 124 Street or at Earth's General Store and Noorish Cafe.

Martina's Vegan House

Edmonton, AB T6X 1J9

Martina’s Vegan House creates convenient, ready-to-heat, healthy meals. All of the dishes are oil free, gluten-free and non-GMO. Martina offers chickpea curry, black bean chill, German-style potato salad, split pea daal, African peanut soup and more! All of her delicious dishes can be found at the City Market downtown on Saturdays.

Sweet Molodith Madness

Edmonton, AB

Sweet Molodih Madness sells organic, vegan baked goods such as Twinkie and Hostess-inspired cupcakes. They are also one of the only places in Edmonton that I know of that has Everything preztels! Their Oreo scones are amazing, too. You can pick up their goodies at the Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market and the Beverly Town Market.

Nabati Foods Inc

Nabati Foods (formerly Tamiri Bites), Edmonton's first "unbakery," serves up healthy raw and gluten free desserts. They have many flavours of cakes, energy balls, brownies, chocolates and cookies. Their fudgey Snickers cake is unreal and is a must try item. In addition to the St. Albert Farmers’ Market, the Grand Market on 124 Street and the Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market, you can also find their treats at Remedy Cafe or visit their store front at 12809 66 Street.

B Healthy Foods Inc

74 Napoleon Cres, St Albert, AB T8N 1C8

B-Healthy Foods creates allergy-friendly baked goods that are vegan, nut free, gluten-free and organic. They offer tasty muffins, cupcakes, cookies, bread and you can even special order cakes. Their baked delights can be found at the City Market downtown and at the St. Albert Farmers’ Market.

Bloom Cookie Co.

Edmonton, AB

Available at the City Market downtown, these are the best cookies in Edmonton! Their cookies are vegan, soft, chewy and bursting with flavour. It's pretty much impossible to eat just one. Some flavours include Chai spice, oatmeal stout, maple coconut bacon and their most popular, London fog. You can also find these treats at Remedy Cafe, Cavern, The Hexagon Cafe, Get Cooking Cafe and Sailin' On Food Truck.

Frickin' Delights

Edmonton, AB T5J 3M4

These divine, artisanal vegan donuts are lovingly handcrafted with real ingredients. With more than 40 flavours available, there's sure to be something for everyone! Head down to the Strathcona Farmers’ Market and snag yourself a gourmet double lemon curd, bananas foster, London fog or a delicious chocolate Chai almond doughnut.

Some people probably think that Edmonton wouldn't be the best place for vegan options. But, you'd be surprised! There are an abundance of places around the city that have delicious vegan fare.
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