Where to find delicious mac n cheese in Victoria

Mac n cheese features strongly in many people’s childhood memories, but the grownup version is a little more elegant. You’ll find dozens of remade dishes in Victoria’s pubs, cafes and restaurants, all waiting for you to try. If it's cheesy deliciousness you want, you don’t have to go far.

Pig BBQ Joint

1325 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W 0B5

The mac n cheese might only be a side dish at this BBQ restaurant, but it’s still worth mentioning. When you order it, you’ll get a crispy fried block of macaroni with cheesy sauce that has been cooked to perfection on all sides. It’s a great addition to your pulled pork meal, and sops up the juices nicely.

The Local Bar & Grill

1205 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T9

If it’s pub food you want, you’ll find it here. The food tastes like it was made by your grandmother, and the atmosphere is enticing and calming. There are often wine deals to be had, and the vino goes well with the delicious macaroni and cheese on the menu. It’s also right across from the inner harbour, meaning you’ll have a terrific view while you eat.

Jam Cafe

542 Herald St, Victoria, BC V8W 1S6

This tiny little café is best known for its all-day breakfasts, but you’ll also find delicious lunch options on the menu. Order the cast iron skillet of macaroni and cheese with bacon, roasted tomatoes and a crispy top crust, or opt for the grilled cheese sandwich that comes with mac n cheese on sourdough, along with a little tomato jam for flavour.

Wheelies Motorcycles Cafe

2620 Rock Bay Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 4R7

Despite the intimidating sounding name, this café is small and cozy, with friendly staff and good food. Try the impressive macaroni and cheese, which is served as a side to the sandwiches made here. With a creamy herb-cheese sauce, it a real crowd pleaser.

north FortyEight

1005 Langley St, Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

The macaroni and cheese here is considered one of the strongest dishes, though all the food is good. When you order a bowl of their delicious mac n cheese, you’ll get a mouthful of hearty flavour in every bite, just the way it should be. Rustic yet elegant, North 48 focuses on high-quality ingredients and serving top-shelf food in a casual atmosphere.

The Bent Mast

512 Simcoe St, Victoria, BC V8V 1L8

Located in an old, supposedly haunted house, this restaurant serves plenty of tasty dishes including macaroni and cheese. Their take on the classic comes with plenty of creamy cheese sauce and a crispy baked top that will bring you back to your childhood.

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