Where to find the perfect movie poster in Montreal

Whether you’re passionate about cinema or avid collector of cult film posters, there’s always room for one more poster on the wall. These shops are your go-to source for posters from the latest blockbuster or that rare art house film you fell in love with during college. Happy hunting!

Affiche Vivante

5409, Place Grovehill, Montréal, QC H4A 1J8

A passionate purveyor of poster art for over 25 years, Affiche Vivante offers a collection of original posters chosen for their quality graphics and printing. In addition to its travel posters, the gallery has a wide variety of European posters of American films, classics of French cinema, cult movies and more. This is the place to find the gem, that coveted piece!

Affiche En Tête

2034, av du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, QC H2H 1J6

Located on the Plateau, Affiche en tête is first and foremost a art frame shop offering custom framing, digital printing and lamination. You’ll find some paintings and decorative objects by artists from Quebec and elsewhere. But the real prize here is the fact that the shop can help you hunt down and order the poster you want – and then put it in the perfect frame, if that’s what you want.

Superclub Vidéotron

1465 rue Mont-Royal E, Montréal, QC H2J 1Z1

Specializing in movies and video games, Superclub Vidéotron is also a good source of movie posters for collectors. There’s always a wide range of paper and laminated posters of various movies in stock. So when you’re hunting down your next movie poster, it’s well worth a stop-in at your nearest Superclub to see what’s available.

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