Where to shop for sunscreen in Vancouver

For many of us, what we put on our skin during the summer months is as important as where we’re going on vacation. These local Vancouver shops carry sunscreens that not only protect your skin, but also will help you smell, feel and age well, among other benefits. [Photo credit: iStock.com/ Alliance]

My Little Green Shop

1169 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1J3

This Vancouver-based children’s e-boutique offers a range of colourful sunscreens and lip balms that will delight picky kids. Of note are ThinkBaby and ThinkSport, two widely reviewed and top-rated products that safely protect your child from the sun’s rays. Both products feature waterproof, sweat-proof, all natural, PABA- and chemical-free ingredients and neither of these sun-safe creams have that distinct smell that most organic sunscreens have (and that children hate).

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

130 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P3

When applying SPF to those hard-to-reach places such as backs, shoulders, ears and even the tops of the feet, many of us forget our most obvious and important body part: our lips. Coming to your rescue is MEC’s tried-and-true EcoLips balm: 70-percent organic, waterproof, sweat-proof and PABA free, this subtle lip balm is easy to apply and ideal for long, active days in the sun. The outdoor emporium on Broadway also carries a range of sunscreen brands for the rest of your bod.

Finlandia Natural Pharmacy

1111 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G1

Founded in 1974, Vancouver’s all-natural pharmacy, led by visionary local pharmacist, Harlan Lahti, offers organic, plant- and mineral-based sunscreens for all skin types. Whether you have skin sensitivities, allergies or ethical concerns, simply describe your needs, and a knowledgeable staff member will determine your best brand from a long list that includes Badger, Boo Bamboo, Goddess Garden, Kiss My Face and more.


225 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2J2

This Gastown lifestyle boutique’s diverse range of products includes Coola’s 100-percent natural sunscreens in two styles. One is specifically designed for babies with SPF 50, soothing shea butter, and organic avocado and coconut oils. The second, for adults, packs an age-defying punch; a matte, tinted finish erases wrinkles while vitamin C oil fights pesky radicals.

CurliQue Beauty

410 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0H3

An extension of Vancouver’s premier beauty academy, Blanche Macdonald, CurliQue is both a well-stocked boutique and a creative classroom, where recent graduates and aspiring makeup artists can help you select the right sunscreen for your skin. Lina Care produces a particularly moisturizing variety, which helps skin retain moisture so that it feels soft rather than greasy.

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