Whisky Bars in Calgary

However you spell it — "whiskey" (distilled in Scotland) or "whisky"(made in Ireland or Canada), it's always in style. The mystique of its misty highland origin exerts a strong hold in sippers of this peaty barley-based alcohol. Look beyond the best-known brands, and taste unique selections at these suitably comfortable sipping establishments.

Buchanan's Chop House & Whiskey Bar

738-3rd Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0G7

A well-known upscale steak stop, Buchanan’s back room is a 28-seat bar that is home to one of the best whisky lists in North America. With over 200 Scotch whiskies on hand, you can taste to your heart’s content.

Trib Steakhouse

118 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1B3

Situated in the historical Tribune Block on Stephen Avenue Walk, The Trib harkens to a bygone era. While it’s is not a whisky bar per se, the place does have an extensive whisky list.

The James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant

114 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1B3

Where better to enjoy a dram of Irish whisky than at an Irish pub? Forego that pint of ale for now, and try the Emerald Isle’s own version of this Scottish beverage. The James Joyce has an extensive list of the stuff as well as bourbon and other spirtis.

National on 10th

341 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0A5

To reach the Bourbon Room at National on 10th, you must navigate your way through the busy beer hall, make your way to its secluded upper level and push aside the heavy velvet curtain to gain entrance into the speakeasy-like lounge. Once you're within the room's relaxed and intimate confines, order a selection from its lengthy bourbon and bourbon-cocktail menu.

Toad 'n' Turtle Pubhouse and Grill

2475 27 Ave NE Calgary Barlow, Calgary, AB T2E 8M1

The Toad ’n’ Turtle on Barlow Trail Northeast is a Brit pub that features its own wee Scotch club. Sampling the entirety of the club’s list of fine whiskies (not all at once, naturally) earns a member tumbler with your name etched on it and a place on the mirror of fame. Specials are conferred upon club members throughout the year.

One 18 Empire

110 9th Ave Se, Calgary, AB T2G 5A6

A whiskey bar and restaurant, ONE18 EMPIRE in the Calgary Marriott Hotel, is all about locally inspired Canadian cuisine and some seriously fine whiskey. The establishment features a spirited spirits menu of more than 100 whiskies, bourbons and rye varieties. Consult the ONE 18 website for whiskey-tasting events held in the establishment’s suitably named McTavish Room.

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