Wine spots in Toronto's Leslieville

Formerly a beer-and-a-burger neighbourhood, Leslieville has seen an influx of new upscale restaurants and hip bistros fashioned by some of Toronto’s star chefs. A glass of wine is never more than a block away.


980 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K1

This wine bar has helped lead the way in invigorating the fine dining scene in Leslieville. The food is modern Canadian, showcasing the best of what local producers have to offer. The stellar wine list includes world-class labels and the casual fine-dining atmosphere encourages visitors to relax and try different varietals with each course.

Leslie Jones

1182 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1L4

The focus here is on producing simple and delicious organic fare with something for everyone, including those on restricted diets. The wine list is small but well-conceived, with bottles from both the Old World and the new, most available by the glass. The casual laid-back atmosphere suits anyone seeking a quiet night out with good food and good wine.

Ascari Enoteca

1111 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K7

Named after Italian racing legend Alberto Ascari, this Italian eatery matches its delicious homemade pasta with a flawlessly curated wine list. Their roster of vinos is ever-changing, with Canadian winemakers and international imported brands – some of which you might not find elsewhere. Try one of the rosé or sparkling options, and a long list of red and white by the bottle or five-ounce glass.

Never mind pearls, Victorians know the real treasure to be found in oyster shells is the fresh, briny taste of the ocean. Whether you chew or swallow them whole, enjoy garnished or baked, once you get a taste for fresh BC oysters, you’ll be hooked. The next time the craving hits, here’s where to go for your shellfish fix.
Caesars are a staple in Canadian cuisine; they're right up there with poutine, Nanaimo bars, maple syrup and Kraft Dinner. The unlikely combination of vodka, Clamato and Worcestershire sauce with some celery, asparagus or even bacon thrown in for the grand finale, doesn't sound like it should work. But it does. Here's where to go in Victoria to enjoy some of the best Caesars in town.
Charcuterie, a French method of cold meat preparation, has taken off in Victoria and the results are delicious. The intense flavour created by the curing of pork and other cuts of meat, pairs wonderfully with artisanal cheeses, pickles and condiments for an elegant and social snacking experience. If you're looking to get in on the culinary fun, head to one of these charcuterie hotspots.
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