Wow-worthy Vancouver restaurant interiors

They say you first eat with your eyes. But it’s not just the food on your plate that offers an initial impression of a restaurant. The design can have just as strong an influence on how you enjoy your evening out. These stunning dining rooms will make digging in all the more luxurious.

Minami Restaurant

1118 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2T9

It’s not just the sushi that will have you exclaiming about the beauty of this Yaletown restaurant. Shiny wood floors, elegant, grey upholstered stools, electric blue bucket seats swivelling on chrome bases, gorgeous orchid arrangements — all carefully chosen elements that accentuate the stunning murals by Hideki Kimura. His stylised lobsters, koi, lily pads and flowers add flair to an otherwise minimalist décor. A meal at Minami is like stepping into an underwater fantasy world where the food happens to be top notch.

Hawksworth Restaurant

750-669 Howe St, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B4

Restoring all the glamour of the original 1920s Hotel Georgia during its multiyear renovation extended to the design of its restaurant, Hawksworth. With famed Vancouver chef David Hawksworth at the helm and Munge & Leung spearheading the interior design, the dining room is the epitome of early 20th century class and opulence while using contemporary technology and design principles for our 21st century comfort. The wine shelf offering glimpses into the kitchen and the impressive oval-shaped glass chandelier are the standout elements.


1038 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9

Climb the stairs past the stunning white-marble lobby lounge of the Pacific Rim Hotel and enter the window-clad dining room of Oru — all clean lines and pale birch wood with hits of grey and orange. Through the large open kitchen catch the chefs at work preparing outstanding food from the Pacific Northwest and glance upwards to the white light fixture that appears to be a room-length panel of crumpled paper. This place will inspire awe in locals and visitors alike.


1032 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3

There’s no denying what’s on the menu at this award-winning restaurant downtown. Designed around a massive meat locker behind the funkily lit bar, the huge dining room harkens back to the golden age of steak houses. Intimate, individual booths and banquettes line the walls, while seating around the bar affords a lofty view of the second floor dining area. Even further up is their rooftop lounge with a retractable roof and couches covered in zebra-print cushions. This is high-drama dining and well worth a visit.

Wildebeest Restaurant

A-120 Hastings St W, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8

You’d expect a big name design firm to be behind the restaurant that won the Best New Design award from Vancouver Magazine but the industrial-style interior was entirely conceived of by the owners. Exposed brick, communal wooden tables, lights on pulley systems, their long dining room leads past the bustling bar and open kitchen to their downstairs wine cellar, a cozy private room for intimate dining. They’ve also won Best New Restaurant so you can expect the food to be excellent as well.

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