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Brigitte's Catering Service can help make you event a success. we cater from Fredericton to grand falls NB over 25 years of experience we do speak French and English plate servic...

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Caterers Bloor and Spadina NB

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding dinner, a cocktail, a buffet, or hiring a private chef, the quality of the food and the service offered in Bloor and Spadina NB will influence your guests’ experience.

5 Tips for Finding a Caterer in Bloor and Spadina NB

When to Start Your Search

The date when you need to find your caterer varies depending on the size of your event. We recommended actually booking your Bloor and Spadina NB caterer 5 to 8 months prior to the date of the event, but you should really consider doing it earlier during busier periods, such as the summer time or the holidays.

Know the Type of Service You Want

Do you want a sit-down meal, a cocktail, a buffet, meal trays? An Italian, Chinese, or Moroccan Bloor and Spadina NB caterer? Know what you want, and always make sure your caterer will be able to meet your needs.

Ask for a Tasting

A professional caterer will allow you to taste various dishes before you make your choice. Be sure to always explicitly ask for a tasting in order to judge the quality of their work.

Ask Questions

Organizing a wedding or a large party demands, on top of the quality of the food, great presentation and service. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you can that relate to the organization of your event, including what is included in the performance, the number of waiters, the hours of service, etc.

Look for References

Good caterers in Bloor and Spadina NB will have plenty of experience, and have most probably hosted a great deal of events around your area. So, chances are that your friends or family have attended an event catered by any given company, and can give you helpful critiques about their experience. Ask them who the caterer was, and if they have good memories of them. Several websites also provide customer ratings and reviews that can help you make your choice.

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