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Mme Loiselle est une personne souriante et soucieuse d'aider son prochain, .sa réactivité seront les meilleurs atouts que vous pourrez trouver quand vous avez besoin d'un conseil juridique.

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Services Juridiques Evolex Inc

Notre mission est d’offrir des solutions originales, efficaces et pratiques : LITIGE CIVIL ET COMMERCIAL - DROIT CORPORATIF ET COMMERCIAL - LITIGE FISCAL - FAILLITE & INSOLVABILITÉ

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Construction Law, Property Law, Real Estate Law, Trust Law, International Law
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Me David Bessette

Lawyers in Montreal

Writing up a will, understanding your rights when facing a legal matter, appraising your estate, referring to a legal aid office for professional advice – sooner or later, we run into common life situations that require the expertise of lawyers or of a top law firm. Do you know who to turn to when seeking an attorney? Do you know what kind of law offices you need? Do you know what type of law practice your area or province offers?

Tips to finding lawyers in Montreal

  • Referrals: Going through a legal matter can be a very intimate and personal experience. Your close acquaintances and family members would be the first people to refer you to attorney law firms in Montreal. Depending on your legal needs, a trusted business partner or colleague can also send you in the right direction. An option would be to consult lawyer referral services that are equipped with a law firm directory that can send you to the appropriate lawyer firms.
  • Meet a lawyer: Most lawyers offer a free 30 minute consultation service to figure out if they can help you. Once they’ve understood the kind of legal advice or help you need, they must establish if they are the most qualified person for the job. If you don’t feel comfortable after the consultation, move on and consult the law firm directory for more options.
  • Types of law: Establish the type of law your lawyer specialises in order to deal with your legal issue. Dealing with a divorce or child custody means dealing with a lawyer that practices family law. If you need to deal with a legal matter in the province of Québec you must consult the services of a lawyer that is licensed to practice civil law whereas in the rest of Canada you need a solicitor that specialises in common law. Sometimes you can find a lawyer that practices both types.
  • Background checks: Once you’ve settled on a lawyer’s expertise and services, ask yourself the following; is the lawyer currently providing any legitimate legal services? Are there any restrictions on the lawyer’s practice? Is the lawyer’s licence currently suspended? A quick call to your provincial law society (or governing law board) will be able to answer your questions.
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