Awe walking is the latest wellness trend that Canadians are embracing to help combat the stress and anxiety brought on by COVID-19. Try purposefully channelling a sense of awe on your next walk and feel your internal worries melt away.
With real estate prices soaring, many Canadians are downsizing their spaces and seeking alternative housing options. If you’re curious about the emerging tiny home movement, here’s everything you need to know about tiny house communities across the c
Improve your physical and mental health with a daily dose of exercise. Take your fitness to the next level with weights, resistance bands, balance balls and other exercise equipment designed to use at home.
Want to give your house a quick and easy exterior makeover? Show off your personal style and improve your home’s curb appeal by painting your front door a fresh colour.
Want to learn how to live better with less? These decluttering tips from The Minimalists will help you learn how to methodically purge your possessions and transform your life.
Small habit changes can make a big environmental impact. Create a sustainable wardrobe by repairing and restyling your existing clothes and swapping fast fashions for pre-loved vintage wares.
Windows are the eyes of your home. This helpful window washing guide features tips and advice to get your windows sparkling clean.
Hosting an intimate wedding can help couples save time and money while focusing on their priorities. Here are a few things to keep in mind planning your small-scale big day.
Need some meal-prep inspiration? Step up your quarantine cooking by recreating these creative viral TikTok dinner recipes at home.
From spot-treating spills to steam cleaning deep-set stains, here are the best ways to clean your carpets and keep your home feeling fresh.
Powerful handheld massage guns are a great way to stimulate blood flow and treat sore muscles. Here’s everything you need to know about this must-have fitness accessory.
Let there be light! Give your home a spring makeover with these 10 design ideas to help brighten up your space.
Providing the right dental hygiene for dogs can be challenging, especially for beginner fur parents. Here you’ll learn how to brush your dog’s teeth to give them optimal dental health care.
Time to make your home sparkle! Scrub down surfaces, dust off those hard-to-reach places, and get ready for the season with these spring cleaning tips for every room in the house.
If you’re new to the world of personal finance and need some advice on buying stocks in Canada, here are four steps to get you started on your investing journey.
Shopping for clothes online can be tricky when you aren’t able to try before you buy. Here are nine tips to help you get the perfect fit when shopping online from major fashion brands and small independent retailers.
If you’re worried about how your child is coping with the ongoing stress of COVID-19, read on to learn about the signs of childhood depression and what you can do to help improve their mental health.
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