Whether you've just finished your taxes, another school year or clutter is driving you crazy, it's important to organize your papers. Why? Filing household documents wisely will save you hours of searching next time you need them. Here's how to keep
When it comes to having a lovely garden, who doesn't enjoy the idea of all those wonderful flowers minus the hard work caring for them. You can save yourself lots of time and money in the long-run by carefully planning a low-maintenance garden. Here
The battle to lose weight is more a mind game than anything else. These simple attitude changes can give you a better chance at losing weight, and keeping it off.
Canada may not have invented beer, but it has certainly taken it to heart. Craft breweries can be found everywhere in Canada, from the biggest cities to tiny rural towns. Wherever you are in this country, chances are there is a craft brewery somewher
To help you celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, Parks Canada is issuing a free Discovery Pass to anyone who wants one. The pass provides free access to every National Park, National Marine Conservation Area and National Historic Site across th
Who doesn't dislike doing taxes? But you did. What's more, you diligently filled out your forms and submitted them on time. Suddenly you realized you made a mistake. Were all your efforts for nothing? Don't worry, you’re not alone. Here's what to do
Wouldn't it be nice to have a clean-smelling home without needing to use harsh, store-bought cleansers? Now, you can! Try these 5 all-natural DIY recipes for cleansers that will make your home smell heavenly without any nasty chemicals.
Canada boasts plenty of fashion labels that have made a name for themselves internationally. From warm winter boots and coats to seriously stylin’ shades, these are some of the most iconic Canadian brands taking over the fashion world.
Yards and outdoor spaces were once an afterthought for many homeowners – but not anymore. These six contemporary outdoor design trends are taking yards to new places.
Canada is a country of vast distances and diverse cultures, which is a blessing for foodies as it means there are countless unique epicurean delights to be found across the country. From B.C. spot prawns to Newfoundland screech, we bring you the top
It can start with a question as innocent as, “Can you hear me clearly?” and end with thieves using your words against you to steal your money. How can you protect yourself against this latest spin on phone scams that’s growing fast? These 5 tips coul
Some curries are smoking hot. Here's a milder, gentler curry that even kids will enjoy. Raisins give the dish a touch of sweetness that adds to the easygoing flavour profile. For a delicious family dinner tonight why not choose this savoury curried c
You know that exercise is a fundamental part of managing diabetes, but excuses to avoid huffing and puffing are more plentiful than daffodils in the spring. Try these simple tricks for burning calories, without leaving your house.
Finding a great independent bookstore is like finding your own little paradise. Whether you're looking for your local literary fix or visiting town and eager to browse the shelves, these are 10 of the best independent bookstores that Canada has to of
After five months of chilling winds and swirling snow, there’s nothing quite like spring cleaning to wash away the last traces of winter. Here’s some advice to help your home sparkle.
As the weather warms up here are 3 ideal springtime recipes that are easy to make, delicious to serve, and a delight to eat!
Before you choose a gym, think about your needs. Are you interested in group classes? If so, what type of class? Are you only interested in body building? Do you want to be guided by personal trainer? Here are 8 things you should consider when you’re
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