10 camping fixes for pressure-sensitive tape

June 30, 2015

Pressure-sensitive tape is arguably one of the world's most useful inventions, especially if you're going on a road trip or outdoor adventure. It's the first thing you should throw in your backpack or travel kit. Why? Read on.

10 camping fixes for pressure-sensitive tape

1. Bug off!

If you plan on taking a hike in forested or grassy areas, tape your pants tightly around your ankles to keep ticks and other bugs out.

2. Stay clean

If you're on a bike trip, tape your pants around the ankles to keep the cloth from catching and/or getting dirty from the bike chain.

3. Make rope

If you need to dry your clothes in the backcountry, twist tape into a "rope" to use as a makeshift clothesline. Or use the rope to lash items together — camping gear, for example.

4. Lace it up

If your shoelace gives out on your trip, twist the tape into a thin strip and use it as a replacement.

5. Fix it up

Strong tape can be used to fix almost any fabric tear. Fix up your tent, your backpack, your jacket or anything else in a jiffy. It beats trying to sew something by hand, plus the polyethylene-coated tape seal is waterproof!

6. Let it shine

Secure a flashlight to a wall or tree to shine light on any situation.

7. Make a seal

Easily reseal bags of potato chips and other road food. And to make sure you don't end up with a leaky mess, use tape to seal bottle caps securely.

8. Stop the leak

Patch a hole in a canoe, inner tube or air mattress.

9. Make a trap

Trap flies or other pesky insects by cutting the tape into strips and laying them around, sticky side up.

10. Get rid of the rub

If your shoes are starting to rub you in the wrong way, put a piece of tape on the spot where there is friction. That way, you'll avoid a blister!

With all the different ways to use this multi-purpose tape, you'll be a Mr. or Ms. Fix-it in no time — with bragging rights!

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